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3 Men Being Tried for Theft in 30 Cents of Stolen Fruit

Food for thought: Is there such a thing as too small a crime? Today in Managua, Nicaragua the court has put it’s foot down in regards to holding trial for three men that allegedly stole two bananas from a fruit vendor.

The public, though not in favour of theft are coming out saying how ridiculous it is to prosecute over fruit valued around 30 cents — albeit a crime, it would cost tax payers over $500.00

The men were arrested in December after fleeing the scene with the stolen fruit but were caught soon after — two have been in jail while the third has been under house arrest until there trial on April 23rd. The public has already come out to say that it’s cost well into the thousands to facilitate the thieves — is it really worth it at this point?

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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