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5 YouTubers that will keep you coming back for more!

YouTube is a digital phenomenon, filled with niches in just about every aspect of life; from beauty, to travel, to cookery or everyday life vlogs (a personal fav). YouTube is a perfect platform to ignite your career; and is a perfect springboard for self-promotion and marketing. More than often I find myself sat on the sofa with a cup of green tea, on my laptop, completely oblivious of the TV; so now, I suppose the very real question is…has YouTube killed the TV star? Each viewer gravitates to a certain YouTube personality; for whatever reason that may be, and here are five of my all-time favourite YouTubers! Magnetic, relatable, and gorgeous, these 5 YouTubers definitely keep me coming back for more and more! So if you all become addicted, just like I have; feel free to blame me…although I’m sure you won’t. Here we go, in no particular order:

1. Barbara (Thepersianbabe)

Twitter: @babarapbabe

Barbara (thepersianbabe) is a beauty and fashion guru on YouTube. She has 182k subscribers, and with her appealing and chatty videos, it’s easy to see why! Her effortless class, her elegance and relatability make her an all-round winner. Sassy, and stylish, Barbara often chats about her general day to day events; talks about products she loves, shares her favourite clothes and trends; which of course…we all wanna follow! Despite her busy lifestyle, she’s a super reliable YouTuber; keeps you checking every single day for new videos; and when there is one…you’re there ready with your tea! Barbara is super keen on home wear too; so be sure to look out for her videos specifically related to just that…she has some slick style. Her new make-up tutorials go down a treat; she mixes natural with glamour and it comes out perfectly.


2. Carrie Hope Fletcher (itswaypastmybedtime)

Twitter: @carriehfletcher

Carrie is no stranger to the spotlight; not only is she a top notch vlogger, she’s also a top notch West End star! She plays Eponine in Les Miserables, and has developed a group of followers that like to call themselves ‘The Hopefuls’! Carrie is a great mix of quirky and vivacity, uploading great life skills videos; some including, how to deal with breakups, teen life advice and how to handle bullies. Her snappy videos are so chatty, you instantly feel like Carrie’s your best friend. She addresses issues that need to be addressed and she’s taken her status to the next level…helping people; and there’s nothing more special. Carrie gives off this no bullsh*t, gonna enjoy life sort of attitude which more people need to adopt! She’s also a sensational singer; and her covers of well known songs are absolutely fabulous! Not to mention, she’s also got a gorgeous head of curly blonde hair. Hair envy much? She has something for everyone, and that’s why she has 445k subscribers! You ready for it? Here’s Carrie Hope Fletcher in action. 

3. Megan Parken (meganheartsmakeup)

Twitter: @meganheartsm

Megan is one of the first YouTubers I ever watched; and I instantly fell in love…as did the rest of the world by the look of it! Megan is the girl next door; the bubbly beautiful blonde girl that every other girl wants to be! Her glitzy videos make you wanna get all girly, reach for the makeup and try out some new looks. Her approachable and fun videos are well received, which you can see from her 700k subscribers! Megan primarily focuses on makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, and general chit chats about what she’s getting upto and her personal life. She’s been brave enough to talk about things that are very personal to her, which makes her even more relatable; and her attitude is positive, happy and fun! I love the American beauty bloggers; I love being introduced to new products and shops that I wouldn’t normally get to know about.  Nothing has held this girl back and I’m sure she’s only going to blossom in the future. Megan also holds competitions too for her subscribers, but sadly they are only open to Americans. Take a look at some of her videos. 

4. Tiffany Ferguson (tiffanyferg)

Twitter: @tiffanytheprez

Tiffany Ferguson is an absolute delight to watch!!! She has a solid 23k subscribers, and that may be because she’s absolutely awesome! Hilarious, eccentric and cool, Tiffany brings your screen to life. She’s the epitome of entertaining, and her comedy videos are well worth a watch. If she’s not doing her literally laugh out loud ‘how to be’ videos, she’s chatting about her day to day routines, her comical rants on all things random or her follow me around vlogs! Tiffany’s bubbly personality shines through in each of her videos; and she isn’t afraid to werk it or take the p*ss out of herself. Pure genius; and it’s an absolute joy to watch. If you want to cheer yourself up or take a few minutes out of your day to relieve the stress; forget your troubles, then this is your girl!! Tiffany has such a talent for comedy, and it’s plain to see she’s gonna go very far in this industry. Oh…I forgot to mention she’s also serious girl crush material. Get ready for some laughs, and click!

5. Sara Walker (swalkermakeup)

Twitter: @swalkermakeup

Sara (pronounced Sarah), is one of the old faithfuls on YouTube; with 159k subscribers, she’s doing super well, and I’m so glad she is! A Yorkshire beauty blogger, naturally she’s one of my favs; repping the northern folk. Sara talks about all the brands of products she loves the most, from make-up to hair products; and fabulous tutorials that are the crème de la crème of YouTube tutorials. Her looks are fierce and gorgeous, and Sara’s approachable and friendly personality makes her all the more worthy of watching! Having just launched her new website, she’s also a great blogger, writing up on her blog everything she loves, and tips and how to posts, which are perfect for people with a little less time on their hands! Sara has a great creative flare and her sweet personality is everything you want to see in a beauty guru! Go check out her channel, and maybe try a new fancy hairstyle!

So there you have it, my top 5 YouTubers. If you don’t get hooked on these 5 gorgeous girls after this…I’d be very surprised! Happy watching!

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