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A Countrywide Party in Germany

In Germany, the final week prior to Ash Wednesday is a time of parties, parades, costumes, and alcohol consumption.  It’s a pretty massive celebration, not hosted in a single city, but in most of the big cities, and some of the smaller ones, too.  That location decentralization makes it widespread–a countrywide party–accessible to everyone.

As parades move down the street, bystanders bellow out, “Hallo!” and candy, popcorn, and assorted goods is thrown to them in return.  Of course, you get some oddities thrown your way, too … sponges, bananas, lotion, and even boxes of matches.   The similarity to Mardi Gras is undeniable, except this crowd is all ages, young and old, and beads are noticeably absent.

A lot of the parade participants are dressed according to their group or a planned theme.  A few of the groups we saw were Bumblebees, The Roller Girls of the Apocalypse, Star Wars, and the local Air Force marching band.

Of course, a lot of people wear absolutely whatever they want, with humor seemingly guiding the decision.

Good food is everywhere.  Beer is flowing.  Random people hand out free shots alongside the road.  Music is playing and people are happy.  If you’re ever in Germany during Fasching season, bring your favorite costume, and join in the hoopla.

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