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A Quick Email Interview With Linus Young


Have you heard about the band Linus Young? Well their Bonnie & Clyde style caught my attention – at that point I knew I needed to find out a bit more about them. Due to their hectic schedule I wasn’t able to get them in person; getting them via email was a bit easier so I took that route instead.

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I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview—the Trueblue team is really excited about featuring you in the magazine. Before proceeding, would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hey everybody we’re linus young – we like to rock and roll and make sweet tunes .

You guys are quite secretive, from what I gathered. I tried to find a bio or something of that sort but I could not come up with anything. A bit of research led me to an article that was published on LiveMusicVanB. To quote them, “From reading a bit on the Internet about Linus Young (L.Y.), the opening act, you learn that they are shrouded in mystery. All that people seem to know is that they are a duo from L.A.” Is there a particular reason why you prefer to remain “shrouded in mystery”

I think it’s not that difficult bc we have a different approach to how we put ourselves out there . We just like to play our music and we hope that people will feel connected to us and want to hear more .

Because you guys are so mysterious, I would love to hear what a day in your life sounds like!

Right now our day consists of many different things. We’re in the process of finishing our debut album so with that comes a lot of studio time which includes traveling to our favorite studios to inspire us. Also we try to fit in a little partying.

What would you say has been the best (and the worst) thing about the ride so far?

The best for us is recording and playing shows . The worst is not doing those things.

So your first single, “City of Sin” was released this summer. Wonderful sound by the way, the team loves it! We would really like to know more about what you guys have in store for us next. Any album plans?

We have a 7 inch vinyl being pressed at the moment with “city of sin” as side a and the b side will include a track off our upcoming album which were in the process of finishing.

Do you mind giving us a bit of background info on the song—and the lovely video that accompanies it?

The “City of sin” video  is about 2 people who like to party who keep driving down a path of destruction.  It didn’t matter which way they were going , they ultimately were meant to collide together and in doing that they realized that they were meant to be .

If you don’t mind my asking… what is your relationship to each other? How did you guys meet and decided to form Linus Young?

We’re really close friends . Our producer Malay introduced us and that’s when we got together and decided to form Linus Young.

Judging from your Twitter profile and Facebook page, you guys seem to have quite a number of followers—and only one single released!  Would you say this puts some kind of pressure for your next single or debut album to be received with such positive reviews?

We’re excited for everyone to hear what we have been working on. Every song we have has it’s own energy and we can’t wait to show you what’s next .

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