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Incest, Meth and Walmart: A Tale of Family Fun

Who doesn’t enjoy a story that involves incest, meth and Walmart?

In today’s news of the weird, a brother and sister in Texas were arrested recently after Charlene Ellet was caught shoplifting from Walmart.

When police intervened, her half-brother (same mother) Cameron Beck came to her rescue. What exactly the ex-con (is anyone surprised?) thought he could do is beyond imagination but soon cops were searching Beck’s car. I’m sure you can guess what they found.

Did you guess Methamphetamine? Nice job.

Yes, deputies discovered the dangerous drug and soon he was joining his sister in jail.

Sadly this story doesn’t end there. Despite the fact that Beck and Ellet were put in separate cells, deputies soon returned to the holding room to find the two making out passionately between the bars. When pressed, the couple soon admitted to a sexual relationship that dated back to last fall.

Both have been charged with possession of a controlled substance and prohibited sexual conduct, which is a nice way of saying getting freaky with something or someone you shouldn’t. In addition, Ellet has been charged with shoplifting, although I’d wager that this is the least of her worries.

Nice job kids…

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