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About Us (TL;DR)

We believe our motto defines us quite well — “speak freely, speak true”. Founded on the premise of anti-censorship, trueblue revels in anything offbeat, alternative and artistic. Our team is as varied as the articles we publish, and we only have one goal in mind: to learn and to grow in conjunction with our audience.

About Us

Trueblue Magazine was founded on the belief that every story worth telling should be told freely and veraciously. We analyze what we want, comment how we feel, and publish news that matters to you. trueblue magazine is a proponent for minimalism, travel, and anything odd. We love culture, colour as well as  independent musicians and artists. We feed off entertainment on all spectra, local food, sustainability, alternative lifestyles and lifestyles beyond our borders, green style, fun fashion, in addition to all levels of innovative design. We even try to put out the recyclables every other Friday!

Founded in December 2013, trueblue magazine is published independently. Our current team, which is focused on making trueblue as engaging and graphically pleasing as possible, is comprised of editors, writers, photographers, graphic artists, videographers, and social media managers. Our team has been commissioned by some of the world’s top businesses.

We want all the fun and interesting content of the web to be in one place! Every Wednesday we will be releasing new issues filled to the rim with awesome content. Our Offbeat News and Music section is updated daily with creative and unique content. Our demographic (because people ask) is 1-100 meaning anyone can read Trueblue and enjoy it! We haven’t defined our demographic – we just want to keep it easy and publish the content we feel fit!

What we are Looking for:

Besides a good tea/java in the morning, we are looking for awesome, articulate, truthful, well-rounded individuals to help us publish articles.

We prefer our featured articles in our issue releases to be around 600 to 800 (minimum) word count. If you are doing a review of a band or movie our preference ranges in the 200-400 (minimum) word count. As for the Daily articles, we generally expect them to be around 200 to 400 words.

Positions That We Are Looking for:

Editor-In-Chief: No

Managing Editor: No

Executive Editor: Yes!

Associate Editor: No

Assistant Editor: No!


Offbeat News Writers: Yes!

Music Writers: Yes!

Art & Culture Writers: Yes!

Lifestyle Writers: Yes!

Food Writers: Yes!

Travel Writers: Yes!

Gaming/Tech Writers: Yes!

General Contributors: Yes!


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