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Airbnb: Reasonable Prices for out-of-the-box Accommodations 

Prior to my visit to London, U.K, I spent hours searching for the perfect accommodations. Many standard hotels exceeded my budget and a hostel wasn’t what I was looking for. Airbnb helped bridge the gap, offering reasonable prices for out-of-the-box accommodations.

In 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbie created AirBed & Breakfast when they struggled to afford monthly rent for their San Francisco loft. Thinking proactively, Chesky and Gebbie hosted guests on air mattresses, turning their living room into a bed and breakfast. One year later, the idea became a lucrative, multi-million dollar international company, with Airbnb creating an extra source of income for property owners and a unique experience for guests.

Eclectic, Memorable, and Downright Surprising accommodations for pretty much any budget:

The Airbnb home page is a snapshot from any travel website: select applicable dates, list number of guests and search away. What makes it different is everything else. You can scroll down to discover Neighbourhoods, an informative section on cool districts in major cities around the globe. Keywords like “trendy”, “gay-friendly” and “hipsters” allow you to discover the neighbourhood for you. If the options of sleeping in a treehouse, train or igloo are not on your bucket list, they should be; these are just a few of the obscure options Airbnb has to offer. Whether you desire your own place or a private or shared room, the review section comes in handy, making it easy to make an informed decision. Welcoming the joy of new experiences, I kept it rather traditional, booking a room for three days in an artistic Londoners flat.

Trouble reading maps? Terrible with directions? Airbnb has an app for that:

After a lengthy plane ride, the Airbnb app makes traveling to your destination far more convenient. The ability to access the full functionality of the site on your mobile device is a must for all avid travellers. The app allows you to easily access “your trips” section, where your itinerary is neatly displayed. GPS capabilities guide you to your accommodations, taking the guess work away. No matter how remote the location, the app will bring you to your home away from home. You can also communicate with your host via the Airbnb app, should you need additional directions or information about your destination.

You’ll learn quickly that it is often those who share your passion for travel that also invite you into their homes. I spent hours indulging in wine and Indian food with my host as he listed some cool places to visit in London. I felt like a local and was able to live like one during my stay. Whether you are renting a room or splurging on a home, your host is often there for support and may even tag along for part of the journey.

Airbnb offers an alternative travel experience. With independent boutique hotels becoming increasingly popular and backpacking on the rise, renting a house or room from Airbnb offers the opportunity for a longer, more affordable stay. When you return home, you can brag to your friends about your experiences “glamping” in Spain or drinking a Heinekin on your houseboat in Amsterdam. Your “borrowed home” become not only a place to stay, but a part of the travel experience. The possibilities, you will discover, are endless.

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