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Album Review – Winchester Revival: “Burden’s Landing” EP

Oakland-based rock band Winchester Revival recently released Burden’s Landing, a five song EP showcasing the band’s clear musical range and ample chops.  The guitar-driven affair seems to spring from a wide range of influences, as it finds the five piece shifting nimbly from the ease of 70’s California rock, to swirling psychedelia to more “of the now” straight ahead rock songs.

Recorded at at Trakworx in San Francisco and self-produced by Winchester Revival, the first impression Burden’s Landing makes on a listener is that of top-notch musicianship.  The back end is handled deftly by Ron Cruz on bass guitar and Kirk Snedeker on drums, allowing guitarist Andrew Lund room for soaring guitar parts that are accented nicely by Matt Glick’s nifty work on various electronics.  David Rosenheim’s lyrics are generally pained, but are delivered in a classical rock form (soaring and dramatically), and complemented wonderfully by backup vocalist Amanda Guilbleaux.



The highlight of the EP for me comes in the middle section in the form of “Keep It Together” and “Salamander”, two related songs that bleed into each other.  The sparkling psychedelic “Keep It Together” basically serves as a spacey intro for the more rawkus and straightforward rock of “Salamander”.  Glick really shines at the beginning of the spacey pairing, and as the rest of the band fills in around him “Salamander” slowly crescendos to a very nice peak.

It’s songs like these and Eyes In The Canopy highlight “Wonderland” that make Winchester Revival a band I’m very intrigued to see live, as one can imagine these album highlights playing quite well in person.

Overall Burden’s Landing is an intriguing peak into a new band’s development, and one that should be seen as a step forward.  While perhaps not quite knocking your socks off, with Burden’s Landing it’s undeniable that Winchester Revival is onto something, and onto interesting.  The band has made their way onto our radar, and they should be on yours as well.






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