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Amazon Women: Fact or Fiction

The Xena Factor

Take a cup of female domination, add a heaping hymen tablespoon of labia laden lesbian fantasies to excite the eroticism in male and female alike, then add a delicious dash of a sexy female warrior in a leather loincloth with a dripping wet crotch, and you have the recipe of for perfect Amazon Queen. The Amazon Warrior has been a large piece of the fabric of the sexual imagination for centuries. Some guys fantasize about having their ass kicked by one, while some females develop girl crushes on these mighty women as adulation and admiration grows in the camps of both genders who passionately place them on a pedestal as the ultimate woman and Goddess! Yes, the Amazon is part Goddess and many tales of goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology exemplify their strength, beauty and in some cases proficiency in war.

The Amazon has pervaded pop culture in many guises from Wonder Woman on the small screen to the modified version as the modern day femme fatale of the big screen, Laura Croft Tomb Raider. For a healthy dose of tongue in chic and tongue in cheek, who can resist the campy charm of parody presented in the film “Amazon Women From the Moon!”

The sexiest example of “pop goes the Amazon culture” however, is the fetching Xena, Warrior Princess in her erection causing leather loincloth, and super thighs to kill for. Her somewhat “submissive to Xena” girl wonder, Gabrielle helps Xena not only win the day in battle but, also helps to groom her mentors hair lovingly stroking it in a somewhat sensuous manner, and keeps Xena’s sword sheath well oiled and slippery. Nothing like a well greased sheath to accept the deep penetration of a long, broad sword after the sexual heat and fury of battle! Gabrielle also looks after her other “needs” and vice versa.

Mono-Breasted Warrior Woman: A Male Mythos In The Making?

That’s what warrior friends are for. Lets face it…when it comes to genital stimulation for males and females…Xena is a temptress with a raging inferno between her thighs guaranteed to raise an erection as formidable as the Walls of Jericho, and cause a monsoon drenching in even the driest vaginal region. Surfs Up! It’s high tide at Vagina Beach!

Before Wonder Woman slipped into her red hot red boots and Xena made the leather loincloth a fashion statement to pant for, there is the real story behind Amazon women…the reality behind the fiction and myth. Were there actually tribes of Amazons who men feared? The answer is a resounding YES! Although Wonder Woman and Super Girl made their debut in pages of comic books, the first mention in literature of this delicious blend of femininity and agression goes far back in history to the time of Alexander the Great and Herodotus.

Amazons, most associated with the ancient Greeks were known as “Oiorpata” (Bull Busters?) and were a nation of all-female warriors that dwelt according to written accounts in a region which today is modern Ukraine. There are also accounts of similar tribes of warrior women in what is today Libya. Ancient writings have shed light on Amazon queens. Leaders such as Penthesilea who fought in the Trojan War.(The War of Prophyllacticus?) and also Hippolyta who was the object of one of the labors of Hercules.He had to steal her girdle! Honest! One mans labor is another mans, or womans pleasure. Nothing like a good girdles snatching to enliven the panty raid party.

Amazons in ancient art abound on scrolls and wall depictions doing battle with Greek and Roman armies and winning every time.There was so much of this art that it became it’s own genre known as amazonomachy and includes marble bas-reliefs as seen in the Parthenon and in sculptures and various statues. Men were not permitted to have sexual encounters or even live in Amazon territory accept as captured slaves for domesticity kept as you would cattle and other livestock. They would perform domestic chores, work in the fields and were used once a year for breeding purposes for procreation sex by their captors in order to keep the Amazon culture and race alive. The male children were either killed or sent back to the fathers own tribe.

Amazons In The Modern Context

The girls were kept and brought up by their mothers and trained in hunting and the art of war. In war Amazon women preferred not to kill the enemy men but take them as slaves. However, should they want to marry, that was another story altogether. The Amazon could marry one of her male slaves, but, first as a form of a pre-nuptial agreement…they had to kill a male in battle first! Just knowing she had done that to tie the knot (literally!) would keep her slave husband in line don’t you think?

The Amazon legacy is alive and well today..in..yep, you guessed it..Ukraine! A modern day Amazon named Katerina Tarnovska heads up a group of Amazons called Asgarda. They all share the singular belief that the Amazons are the direct ancestors of Ukranian women! They have their own form of martial arts called Hopak but the emphasis today is more on self defence then busting balls for the sake of busting balls. In Turkey, they have unearthed artifacts such as shields and other militaria supposedly used by the race of Amazons when they ruled that region, and today the Turks have constructed an Amazon Village and museum for academic as well as tourism reasons. For real dominant fun for the male and female submissive there is the annual Amazon Festival in the town of Terme to celebrate the legacy of this warrior tribe.Have fun and let Xena kick your ass boys and girls…Gabriella approves!

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