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ATF Operations are Being Investigated By Justice Department

Checks and balances. A phrase that has been shouted since the Snowden revelations back in the summer of 2013. Well finally a branch of the government is doing just that.

The Inspector General of the Justice Department has announced that it will be conducting an examination in 4 cities where storefronts secretly run by undercover agents of the ATF are seeming to post danger to the public

It’s not new-news that the ATF runs sting ops; mostly trying to catch those breaking the law by using their storefronts as harbours for criminals to sell stolen weapons.

In an article by The Atlantic, it was alleged that an ATF agent used a mentally disabled kid as “a pawn” —  IG Michael Horowitz said “if his office learns of information that might warrant looking at additional storefront operations, it will consider expanding the review to include them.” Right now the warrants are limited to Milwaukee, Pensacola, Fla., St. Louis, Mo., and Wichita, Kan.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reported that last January the ATF had no major drug dealers or gang members arrested; the store was robbed of $35,000 in merchandise, an agent’s machine gun was stolen and a document listing undercover agents.