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Baby-Bump Barbie For Kids! (Ages: 3+)

“The only thing missing is an umbilical cord.” ~ Shocked Dad

So there we were, wandering around the Toys R’ Us in Kaiserslautern, Germany – killing time on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  I was poking around in the Legos with my son, when the girls in our family summoned us: “You’ve got to see this!”

Kids don’t always have the same perspective as adults in regards to what qualifies for such a bold exclamation as “you’ve got to see this,” especially from several aisles away.  Still, I was drawn by the excitement in their voices, intrigued by this “must see” discovery of my daughters.

Struck Speechless

I’ll confess—when I saw the object of their attention—I was struck speechless.  Several emotions, or reactions, ran through me in quick succession:  surprise, then mild horror, and finally, amusement.

Every culture is different, and it’s true that Americans aren’t as comfortable about things like, say … public nudity.  I couldn’t tell you why that is, and I don’t think that any one group of people is right or wrong with their beliefs on things like that.  It’s true that Americans are, perhaps, a little prudish at times.

Anyway, I digress.  There in front of me on the German Toys R’ Us shelf was a pregnant Barbie doll.

And, that’s pretty cool, right?  Sure it is!  Pregnancy is normal and understandable for all ages.  Fully clothed, Jessica has the classic elastic-waistband-jeans, and puffy shirt, ladies around the globe wear when they are expecting.  It highlights the baby bump.  Sets them apart as a mom-to-be.

Full-On Baby!

But, Jessica Barbie isn’t simply pregnant.  Take off Jessica’s clothes, and you find that her abdominal wall is removable.  And what’s inside?  Well, duh:  a baby.

I mean it’s a full-on baby in there, head down, and ready for launch.  The only thing missing is an umbilical cord.  Or maybe that’s in there somewhere and I just couldn’t see it.

Of course, with the removable stomach, this is, anatomically speaking, a Cesarean–section delivery waiting to happen.  And I’m thankful for that.  The alternative is too much for me to consider, and the box says it’s for kids 3+.  So there were some limits imposed—thank goodness.

Jessica the pregnant Barbie comes with everything a baby needs for day-to-day actions:  blanket, pacifier, teddy bear, and some baby utensils.  Of course: father is not included—I guess the identity, or existence, of a dad is up to your 3-year-old.  Or maybe that’s part of the fun!  It can be a new father every day, or maybe Jessica Barbie doesn’t know who the father is!

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