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Bacon, Bacon Everywhere!

Ahh Bacon. That shapeshifting magician. That little jack of all trades. This is happening now, because bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

So many people have such a deep loyalty and affection for it, that producers of food, aromatic and alcohol products have decided to rally around the love and give the masses what they want: 24/7/365, unhindered, all-access passes to Baconville.

Let’s see shall we, what offerings are up for grabs?

Everybody loves chocolate, and everybody loves bacon (including me, the solid and rooted vegetarian…I just get the veggie-friendly ‘Fakin-Bacon’, when I need a fix. And chocolate? All over it!) Thankfully Katrina Markoff, the Head Mistress of Chocolate, at Vosges Haute Chocolate created Mo’s Bacon Chocolate bar. This magical chocolate bar consists of a mash-up of those perennial favorites (she uses uncured, hickory-smoked bacon and sea salt no less), created for the joy of all chocolate and bacon lovers around the globe.

And that crispy, sizzly smell of cooking bacon? To die for! But you don’t always have the time to whip up a batch…thankfully the brilliant and creative minds at have invented bacon scented candles. Yes, with one flick of a lighter, you can have your personal space smell overwhelmingly like bacon, anytime your little heart desires it!

Hooray for bacon, bacon, everywhere!

Now this ode to bacon and all the niftiness of it, wouldn’t be complete of course, unless we had some drinks to toast to it. Oh, what’s that you say? Ordinary alcohol wont do? You are in need of bacon vodka? Why certainly! And the good folks of the Seattle, Washington-based Bakon Vodka, have blessedly taken care of that for you. The head hogs there, have created bacon flavored/infused liquor, which is sure to please those who like to imbibe, and those who just want more bacon-liciousness in their life.

So friends, what have we learned today?

Bacon is to be smelled at all times via candles, enrobed in milk and dark chocolate and it is to be guzzled, thanks to fancy drinks made with vodka that has become one with the meaty goodness!

Viva la Bacon, y’all!

Connect with all the bacon-tastic Facebook splendor: Vosges, Bakon Vodka, Bacon, Hotwicks and Lightlife (for us vegetarian admirers…)

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