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Band On The Rise: New York City’s Tempers

One of my favorite up and coming, on-the-rise bands of late is without a doubt New York City’s Tempers. The duo of Eddie Cooper and Jasmine Golestaneh have managed to absolutely grab my attention despite having only physically released two singles on the Pendu Sound label thus far, and “What Isn’t There” is no less gripping.

The standout track features Cooper’s swirling, atmospheric tones hovering hazily over a throbbing beat that melds perfectly with Golestaneh’s hauntingly sexual vocal. It’s the kind of dark, ominous and contagiously dance-able track you can picture the South Park goth kids partying to once they grow up, start getting high and head to art school.

“What Isn’t There” comes to its peak with Golestaneh’s alluring and breathy vocals slowly fading out as the smoky haze of the track eventually builds to a 30 second outro of the best goddamn goth-wave dance party you’ll hear all year. It’s yet another fantastic track that makes Tempers’ debut one of the most anticipated releases of 2014.

Check out Tempers’ spellbinding video for the equally excellent track “Eyes Wide Wider” right here:

To hear all of Tempers’ songs, news and everything else Tempers related, head on over to the band’s website at, and keep you ears open for what’s next for the duo. Keep your eyes on this band folks…

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