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Barzin, To Live Alone in That Long Summer: Album Review

Oh how I wish this masterpiece of emotional complexities and longings had been around last summer, because it just would have had the honor of becoming the official soundtrack of my life during that time. Even the album cover, which is hazy and dream-like, perfectly resonated with THAT SUMMER.

Barzin is no stranger to the musical game, with three other albums under his belt (“Notes to an Absent Lover”-2009, “My Life in Rooms”-2006 and the self-titled “Barzin”- 2003)

Barzin’s ability to create each song with the feeling of being wrapped up in a silken and sensual blanket on “To Live Alone In That Long Summer” is simply genius. Every song is so passionate and complete unto its own self, that it is able to stand alone, yet perfectly and seamlessly fits into the flow of the album without a hitch.

Captivating storytelling with beautiful instrumental backings, lingers on in your mind and heart, long after the album is over. Additional vocals provided by fellow Canadians, Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), Daniela Gesendheit (Snowblink) and Tamara Lindeman (Weather Station), and the masterful strings of Karen Graves (Hayden), weave even more magic into this lush and full journey of love, life and personal growth via loss, wishes and desire.

For you extremely lucky Canadians (or those who can travel on a whim), Barzin will be playing liven on his North American tour kickoff, starting March 7th at Montreal’s Under the Snow music festival.

For more of the epic Barzin, check out his site!

To Live Alone in That Long Summer Album Review

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Final Thoughts

As I mentioned before: If you had to live alone in that long summer, you might as well have Barzin along for the ride! The album is amazing and it really sings to the soul.

Overall Score 4.5 Melodic. Amazing

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