BARZIN - All The While from Barzin on Vimeo.


Barzin’s “To Live Alone In That Long Summer” Available for Stream Today!

Well this confirms it. If anyone is still doubting that Canada has talent, today they can stream Barzin’s new album “To Live Alone In That Long Summer” and put those theories to bed.

The album is positively amazing. Nearly 5 years MIA, Barzin releases another beauty akin to “Notes to an Absent Lover”. I haven’t had the chance to compare the two in depth; Barzin’s albums always come with care and add something unique, whilst not taking away any elements that are key to his sound. The Barzin we loved from years ago is still present to on this masterpiece.

To steam “To Live Alone In That Long Summer” head over to The New York Times; if  you are like me and want to wait till the 25th of this month to get your Barzin fix, stream Fake It Till You Make It & All The While from SoundCloud to hold you over.