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Do You Believe in Faeries?

I strongly believe Faeries are as real as you and I

I have always felt in-tune with the fae, ever since I was a child. My first memories are of when I was about six years old. My parents thought they were my imaginary friends. I would always go off into the woods by myself, little did they know that I was never really alone. At least to me they were real, and I know I could sense them: I could  hear, feel, and see them.

I was, and always have been quite a loner. I always felt, why would I need people or friends, when I already had friends, the Faeries! I have always enjoyed nature, a sure sign that you are attuned to the fae folks. Faeries love all aspects of nature. They are a very secretive folk though, and usually keep well-hidden in the woods. You have to have a really keen eye to spot one.

Why are they secretive?

The faeries are not happy with us humans. We are destroying their homes, the forests, and they are running out of places to live. At least that’s what they’ve told me. To gain their trust, you must truly believe from the bottom of your heart, for the heart is what faeries see. The purest hearts shine the strongest for them, like a child’s heart. The faeries love to play and be happy.

They are connected to me to this day as they see that I still have a child’s heart. I still believe in the faery folk, which I now call the wee folks, or wee ones. This is what they currently prefer to be called.

Part of my love and interest in the Fae was due to my grandmother. She was from Scotland, a place where the inhabitants still strongly believe in them. She always shared stories of wee folks with me. Telling me she had seen them quite often; lovely little ladies with wings or beautiful little ladies bathing in crystal clear pools, laughing and having a wonderful time, whenever she would walk in the Moor lands. She would say you should never spy on a faery, for they could make you blind with magic. I loved her stories and I would ask her to tell them over and over again.

I am happy to say, I live in and around forested mountains. This is where faeries, or wee folks live in my part of the country.

This is my story of discovering the local Faeries.

I live in Ashton Creek, Enderby, British Columbia. My late husband, Brad, and I bought our home here in the mountains. I am surrounded by woodland forests, it is so beautiful and so close to nature. Behind our home, Brad wanted to build a workshop. We set to work clearing the land, him with a brush saw and me with the pruners. Both of us were working so hard that I almost didn’t hear the tiny high pitched sound.

I stopped and asked Brad,“Did you hear that?”

Brad responded, “Hear What?”

I looked towards him saying I heard tiny voices saying, “Please stop, don’t cut the brush away, this is our home! This is sacred land, you cannot build your shop here!”

Brad, knowing of my connection with the fae, agreed we should stop. I then asked aloud, “What do you want us to do now?”

The wee voices replied, “We are the Faery folks that live here. This is our home. What you can do for us is to please add lots of different sized unique rocks, placing them in a circle around our land. Why in a circle you may ask, well it’s because us Faery folk dance in a circle. We leave toad mushrooms (Toadstools) in a circle where we’ve danced. Also this is to protection you and your husband.”

We did as they asked, we also added potted flowers. Faeries love flowers, fox gloves, blue bells, primroses, and daisies to name a few. They also wanted little houses made in their faery style. They have been very specific of their likes. We have added many things like ornaments and a rock altar; where you can leave food, like small cakes, bowls of fresh cream, honey, and things you have grown in the garden. Faeries don’t eat food like we do, instead they partake of its essence, they are ethereal beings, after all. To this day we have continued to add many things to this grove at the request of the faery folk. We, with the wee folks help, continue to create the perfect fairyland grove.

I have put a table and chairs by the grove so you can sit with them, which they really enjoy. They also love music and to dance, they especially enjoy it when you play an instrument or sing to them.

What do they look and sound like?

Some are beautifully green in color, with fine hair on their bodies, eyes that are so dark they almost seem hollow, tiny transparent wings. Some have long hair and wear gossamer spiderweb outfits. They are all beautiful in their unique way.

They love to laugh a lot, often with high pitched giggles. Some of them talk in riddles or their Gaelic tongue, which I have learned to understand.

Even non-believers can become believers!

My husband Brad was a skeptic of them, since he never seen or heard anything, until one day, when he saw a small ball of light flying around the living room and float into the kitchen. He said it had wings and giggled. I told him it must have been a faery, and he smiled and nodded. He became a believer that day. There are many skeptical people in this day and age, and I think it is because some of them have never really tried. They just don’t know how to, so they choose to disbelieve.

It’s like I’ve said, you must have a pure heart, like that of child’s, to see and strongly believe that they are real. I know I will never stop believing in them! Maybe one day, I will tell you how to contact and connect with them, but that is for another day and article.

Anything is possible, if you just BELIEVE!

[These are real faery photo’s taken in my faery Grove. Look on the branch and you will see the faery lady with wings. The next photo is faery orbs, before they materialize into their shapes. The third is a faery touching a flower. The last is the entrance into the Faeries Grove]

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