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Welcome to the Unity Market, Part 4: Bill C-18 (Video)

We’re back and introducing you to a very significant part 4 of this 6 part series. Once again Trueblue Magazine and correspondent Ty “Freestyler” are with Shane “L.S” Dennis of Unity Market in Barrie, ON. As a large promoter and consumer of local, organic produce, Shane opens up about the issues that farmers are experiencing and suggests ways on how the community can help lend a hand. We are also unearthing some of the troublesome truths about our so called “healthier alternatives”.
“Bill C-18 involves everyone because everyone eats” – Shane L.S Dennis

Enter Bill C-18 which, if passed in Parliament, will essentially enhance the rights of multinational seed companies such as DuPont and Monsanto, all the while restricting the rights of Canadian farmers everywhere. Dubbed “Captain Advocate” by Ty, Shane speaks freely and truthfully on his views of GMO’s and the potential passing of Bill C-18. While describing the repercussions if the bill is passed, Shane also emphasizes the need for overall awareness and activism on the issue. The food we eat affects every single one of us (including you, the person reading this), so why not become a little more educated? Or you can join the movement, take a stand and voice your opinions accordingly.

Something to take into consideration as you watch Part 4 of the series is that Bill C-18 is currently still open in Parliament and petitions are still going around. A ruling is to be made in August of 2014.To become involved or to just find more information on Bill C-18, we strongly encourage you to check out these links and go that extra step and contact your MP!

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