Brian Byrne Releases: “Arizona (I Miss You the Most)” in Support of Suicide Awareness/Prevention

Brian Byrne, (singer/songwriter) has just released “Arizona (I Miss You the Most)” a touching new video and single in support of Canadian suicide awareness/prevention group, Collateral Damage. Their is mission to reach out to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones through suicide, and to those who may be contemplating it.

The founder of Collateral Damage, Scott Chisholm, was inspired to start the group, because of losing his own father to suicide when he was a teen. His full heart is deeply invested in “The Arizona Project” (which this song is a part of). Chisholm says, “The Arizona Project is about sharing stories, starting conversations and healing from our loss to suicide. The Project also reaches out in an artistic and meaningful way to others who are struggling with thoughts of suicide by showing them it’s okay to reach out. But also, by being part of a collective ‘story’, we break the stigma. It is artists using their gifts to create an opportunity for healing by demonstrating to others that they are not alone”.

Each download of the single (which can be found here on iTunes), raises money for Collateral Damage, which will ensure that more people are aware of this amazing cause! The video, which is simply shot and beyond moving, features Canadians holding up written statements of what they miss most about their loved one.

Brian Byrne, who is using his voice to be a major advocate of the Project also has been touched by suicide as well. A good friend of his and his wife Tara, committed suicide last year, and that was the final straw for him. He hopes that there will be open and candid discussion about suicide. He believes that “…No one should ever feel ashamed or lonely in this. It’s all hard enough”.

And truly he is right.

Canadian radio stations such as LiVE 88.5-Ottawa, Shore 104-Vancouver, C103-Moncton, Q104-Halifax, and Radio 96-5-Halifax will be adding “Arizona” to the musical line-up starting today, to help with spreading the word.

As a Canadian born individual, and just being a human being with a heart, I am truly proud of and grateful for all involved with making “The Arizona Project”!

May one less person be affected by suicide!