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Caktus at SXSW: the Official Launch

There is no question what my favourite app is right now, I have said it before and I will say it again: Caktus. It’s sleek, it’s user friendly, it doesn’t have annoying ads everywhere; I’m pretty sure I would marry the app and follow in the footsteps of Plankton.

Unfortunately I could not make it to SXSW this year but our friends over at Caktus sure did! The festival invited them for a conference Sunday morning at 10AM for their official launch. That went amazing says co-founder Dane “the audience loved it; I am really happy because we, the Caktus team, have put our hearts and souls into it.” After their launch, they had the opportunity to meet with a couple streaming companies; what a blast, they had no idea that big things were coming their way! Caktus is now proud to announce that full Spotify integration will be added before their appearance at MacWorld this month.

That’s not all: they also spoke with several Record label CEO’s, and are working on partnerships throughout the music industry. The response from musicians and industry professionals has been incredible, with upcoming partnerships for Caktus promotion rolling out across coming weeks. All I can say is I picked the right favourite app to get behind.

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