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Check Out The Video For Starlight Girls’ Dark & Groovy “7×3”, Featuring Ninjas & Tomatoes

There’s something wonderfully “off” about Brooklyn’s Starlight Girls’ Xiu Xiu-produced single “7×3”. With it’s stomping percussion, ragged guitar and mischievous vocal delivery, it’s overtly ominous. But as all of those components are melded together so effortlessly and skillfully, it’s a beguiling sense of foreboding the Girls provide.

The video for this fantastic track features one of life’s oldest and most basic traditions: two gals take huge bites out of tomatoes and then have a deadly sword fight on a Brooklyn rooftop. A tale as old as time. Check out the Avery McCarthy-directed video below and soak up the goodness.

Happens everyday in Williamsburg.

As far as touring, Starlight Girls only have two festival appearances announced, but that’s most probably because they’re currently at work on a new record. Keep your eyes on their website for updates on the new album, additional tour dates and everything else Starlight Girls related. We caught Starlight Girls’ set at the Savannah Stopover Festival and certainly dug it, check out our coverage here.

And for more fun on Brooklyn rooftops, enjoy Starlight Girls performing “Fancy” for BalconyTV: