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Christopher Walken Dancing: Still Needs MORE COWBELL! (Video)

Just when  you thought you couldn’t love Mr. Walken any more than you already do, they give us THIS?!

The Christopher Walken Dance Mashup is trending heavily on the web right now. With 55+ Dance Scenes in One Super Cut – for your viewing pleasure! But Why? And How? Not to say the big man doesn’t deserve the raging fanfare he seems to garner, but I mean..WTF – right?!

I think we need to investigate this and find out why we are so enthralled by this man..

The Man – The Legend:

How did this happen? How did the ‘King of New York‘ from the 80’s generation, live on to become such a legendary pop culture trend this many years later?

Some say his popularity and culture resurgence can be chalked off to his reinvention into comedy during his more recent stints on Saturday Night Live – including his wildly popular and successful ‘Cow Bell‘ skits with comedian Will Ferrell. He has other recurring roles recently, and they all seem to have a similar theme – humour at his expense.

Others will defend the genius of Christopher Walken, saying his decision to get involved with the comedy skits on Saturday Night Live and elsewhere – that were so far outside his comfort zone – only goes to show that Mr. Walken is a sly, talented fox who knows exactly what the people want, and then gives it to them in spades!

It reminds me a bit of the infamous William Shatner and his eventual climb back to fame and popularity – which Mr. Shatner often claims was due to his grasping of ‘what the people wanted‘ of him, instead of fighting it the whole way. I feel like maybe there’s a bit of that going on with Christopher Walken as well. Whereas, Mr. Walken would ultimately prefer to be taken very seriously as an actor and hollywood heavyweight by this point in his career – he also knows how to bring what the audience wants.

For Christopher Walken (just like Shatner), it seems the ‘show must (always) go on’, indeed!

What’s Next?

Based on the popularity of anything ‘Christopher Walken‘, it seems he won’t be disappearing any time soon – but what’s next? Late night shows syndicate? Dancing with Ellen, perhaps? A spoken word poetry album released with William Shatner?! (< NO!!)

The possibilities seem endless, really. So long as Christopher Walken is willing to laugh at himself, and we are willing to tune in and laugh along with him (At him or with him?) – then this is not the last we will see of Mr. Walken. Just like his infamous Cowbell, we just seem to only need MORE of him.

MORE COWBELL‘ indeed, Mr. Walken! And more Christopher Walken too, please?


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