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Clara Engel: All Fired Up

Clara Engel, the impressively independent and prolific singer-songwriter, has released a new album, her second EP in just this year following April’s “Ashes and Tangerines.” The opening track, “Violetta is a Mad Bird” is as opaque as the cover art, which seems to resemble the image of a Jabberwocky, and indeed contains the reference to “looking glass fire,” the title of the album.

On Clara’s Facebook page, she states, “I take from everywhere” though specific musical muses seem to be haunting this collection of songs. “Lesser Known God” feels like an ode to the early part of PJ Harvey’s oeuvre while the more directly confessional “Your Bones” sounds what would have happened if Kate Bush and Heather Nova collaborated. This being said, the album still sounds original.

In contrast to Clara’s previous release, this music is more lush and integrated with Clara’s beautiful and passionate voice. The overall sound of this work is more cohesive. I hope that Clara keeps looking through that glass. I like what she is finding!

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