Cleveland’s a Zoo, Thanks to Wanyama!

My first reaction to Wanyama: “Hey they are from Cleveland, OH! I am here in Cleveland, let’s see what they are all about!” Second reaction after listening to their album: Head nodding, body swaying, toe tapping and a big smile. Third reaction: Hitting the replay button when the album was finished (rinse, repeat)!


Because Wanyama’s “Cleveland Zoo” is truly awesome! They definitely are going to be able to hold their own in the Cleveland Music Scene.

Wanyama has crafted a blend of political awareness (with an occasional side of humor), feel good-vibes, life commentary and observation, ska, reggae, punk, funk and hip-hop all delivered in a solid musical package. Released at the end of January, the six man band that created “Cleveland Zoo” all add their own magic in the mix. Tim Sawchik, Charlie Wilson and Brandyn Lowry’s vocals flow in a fresh way which makes you eagerly anticipate what is coming next (Tim and Charlie also play guitar and the Sax). Throw in the amazing bass of Zack Zimmer, drum skills of Niko Yup and the triple wizardry of AJ Therins (piano, synth and keys!), and you have a sweet blend for your ears. As I was listening to the album, I occasionally glanced at the cover and appreciated how they captured the sometimes gritty Cleveland vibe (graffiti art on the side of a brick building that has started to succumb to urban decay), yet added somewhat of an up-beat feel to it.

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I highly suspect that Wanyama would be amazing and completely worthy of seeing live. Speaking of which, they will be playing the Grog Shop, March 15th in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I suggest doing yourself a favor and checking them out!

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Final Thoughts

Highly recommend them; nice lyrical flow, good vibe and solid content. Definitely have a new fan in me!

Overall Score 3.7 Super Fantastic