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Cold Fusion Is Solved! But Is ‘Safer’ Nuclear Energy Relevant? (Video)

“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. I suppose we all felt that, one way or another.” ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer


This foreboding quote was made by Oppenheimer, the father of modern Nuclear science..mere moments after witnessing one of the very first ever nuclear tests done in America. One that Oppenheimer himself helped to make a reality..

And as this distinguished Scientist wipes away tears to speak his immortal words to us, you cannot help but feel the gravity, and wonder if he had ever considered Cold Fusion.


SOURCE for Cold Fusion News (With Videos): –> HERE <– Please BROWSE more about MIT’s recent Cold Fusion breakthroughs!!




Standard Nuclear fusion occurs at temperatures in the tens of millions of degrees. For over 100 years there has been speculation that nuclear fusion might happen at much lower temperatures by fusing hydrogen absorbed in a metal catalyst. In 1989, a claim by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann (then one of the world’s leading electrochemists) that such cold fusion had been observed caused a brief media sensation before other scientists began heavily criticizing their claim as being incorrect after many failed to replicate the excess heat. Since the initial announcement, cold fusion research has continued by a small community of committed researchers convinced that such reactions do happen and hoping to gain wider recognition for their experimental evidence.



MIT Scientists have figured out a once-thought impossible secret, and are hopeful that with Cold Fusion we may be able to put a halt to the reactor types like those found at FUKUSHIMA. At least any new ones slotted to be built, or maybe thought of being built in the future. Until we can find a safe and powerful alternative to nuclear reactors altogether, the World ‘Powers That Be’ will still be seeking Nuclear power and energy as a solution. Perhaps Cold Fusion represents the best STOP-GAP measure until then.


What are your thoughts on Cold Fusion? Humanity’s Nuclear History? and the recent MIT Breakthroughs? We really want to know!

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