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Total Lunar Eclipse: Be Ready On April 15 (Video)

“A lunar eclipse poses no danger whatsoever to your eyes.” ~ Astronomy Veteran

We can expect to see a not so common event in the upcoming days on April 15th, a Total Lunar Eclipse.

The Scoop!

This will be the first of four Eclipses this year.

The four eclipses are anticipated to happen on:
15 April — total lunar eclipse
29 April — annual solar eclipse
8 October — total lunar eclipse
23 October — partial solar eclipse

It’ll be visible for: North & South America, Australia and a small portion of East Asia, Europe and Africa. You may have to get up early  to see the Eclipse, however times will vary based on your location. Scientists at NASA expect the duration of the Eclipse to last a total of 78 minutes.

For more news and updates on the upcoming eclipses be sure to stay tuned to Trueblue.

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