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Courtney Love Thinks She’s Found the Missing Plane

In what may be the weirdest twist in plane crash news since the ending of TV’s Lost, singer and professional crazy-white-chick Courtney Love took to twitter yesterday to report that she had found the missing Malaysia Flight 370.

Yes, Courtney Love. This Courtney Love.

Love’s tweet set off a firestorm of SMHs and WTFs. The picture she tweeted, seen here, appears to show, well, nothing at all. Love has graciously drawn red arrows pointing to what she believes to an oil slick leading to the missing plane, but to my untrained eyes it looks like a whole lot of nothing. Maybe if anything a wave, or a very large whale. Or pretty much anything other than a missing plane. Then again, I don’t have years of experience in finding missing planes.

Oh, right, neither does Courtney Love.

I’m sorry if this entire story is dripping with sarcasm, but really Courtney Love? If I were putting money on what would be the topic of any news story including the phrases ‘Courtney Love’ and ‘finds the plane’ it would be “Courtney Love Successfully Finds The Plane Waiting to Take Her To Celebrity Rehab.” Then again, Ms. Love is amazing at doing what no one thought possible. Take for instance that 20 years after her famous beau’s death, she’s still somehow relevant.

If you’re a Hole fan I apologize, but then again you probably can’t read this anyways because it’s past 10:30 AM and you’re probably already drunk.

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