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DA & The Jones – “Sirens” Review

Theres no doubt a match made in heaven comes from the coupling of the divine Mindy Jones and the heart breaking Daniel Ahearn. Jones’ silky voice brushes through the crispiness of Ahearn’s, contrasting and balancing each other in their new LP ‘Sirens’, a 10 track album, 30 something minutes of perfect give and take between the easy of the eyes duo.

“Sirens” is a step back in basic music making. Guitars, keys, and simple percussions carry the vocals; tenderness and sweetness aren’t exaggerated, but they avoid becoming too sappy.
With the contrasting predecessor album, “Electric Love” which seem to damp into the darkness side of love, with the electronic buzz swimming through its circuit, the duo provides a new image – one more vulnerable and raw.

Special attention to “Love lights the way” and “Take me home”, in addition to the album’s title song “Sirens” – a sure thing single.

‘Sirens’ is released in March 2014 so get ready!