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DMT & Your Third Eye: The Truth Is ‘IN’ There! (Video)

“Visually, it’s like complex geometric patterns that are made of love – but that’s only the beginning!” ~ Joe Rogan

This is not for your casual or recreational user..

Nor is it something that youthful exuberance should take as fun and easy. But does that make DMT all the more important? And even though DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is currently the most rare and powerful hallucinogenic known to mankind, it is also one of the most common substances on Earth.

But, how is that even so?

Quick Facts:

  • DMT is the most powerful entheogenic hallucinogen known to Mankind.
  • DMT is one of the most illegal substance known to Mankind’s governments.
  • DMT is one of the most common substances on Earth, mostly found in plants and mammals.
  • DMT is not addictive, and has been used safely for thousands of years in rainforest spiritual ceremony.
  • DMT is created in your pineal gland (Third Eye) in your brain, so everyone is always in possession of this illegal substance.
  • DMT is released in vast quantities by your brain in: ‘near-death’ experiences and deep REM sleep. Scientists are still unsure why..

The Scoop!

DMT produces powerful and intense psychedelic visuals, euphoria and hallucinations. Means of ingestion such as vaporizing, injecting, or insufflating the drug can produce powerful hallucinations for a short time (usually less than half an hour). DMT is also the active ingredient in the psychoactive brew called, Ayahuasca – used as a ceremonial drink by Shamans and Witchdoctors in the Amazon forest for thousands of years.

The differences between smoking it as DMT, or drinking it as Ayahuasca are many, but so are the similarities. People who have used DMT have all reported different, ‘strange’ experiences. However the strangest aspect of these reports might be that most people report seeing VERY SIMILAR entities and even seemingly identical physical environments as described by other people who have taken DMT.

Doctor Rick Strassman, who created the documentary, ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule‘ (recommended viewing) – has done many research studies by studying the behavior and reports made by his study participants. Dr. Strassman connects DMT to incidences of religious and spiritual epiphanies, and also extra-terrestrial encounters as well.

Most every one of them reported seeing entities such as mechanical dwarvesreptilian green creatures, and giant insectoid beings. Keep in mind, each of those entities have been reported multiple times by multiple people. The environments have often been described differently from person to person, however many of these reports also share very eery similarties as well. Environments such as giant laboratories, vast fields of bizarre geometrics and even surfaces of other planets have all been reported.

The Resulting Effect

The experiences have all been quite similar in another way as well, and that is that most DMT experiences are deemed extremely positive, with many users indicating communication with the ‘entities’ they encounter to be very uplifting and spiritually transforming for the people involved. Approximately 10% of users describe a completely opposite experience, with some of these people having extremely negative results, some might say akin to how HELL is described by those who have had ‘near-death experiences.’

And a common description from every user is that they were not put into a different state of mind, but that they were actually put into a whole other dimension.

No, experiencing DMT is not for the faint-hearted, nor the casual or recreational user of substances. But in the right hands (and mind) DMT might be one of the most important experiences we can have while being alive on Earth. If you are lucky enough to obtain this substance, be sure to study it and use it appropriately. Respect the history of the mind.

And please let us know how it went when you get back!



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