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Double Trouble

What a time to be alive.  What a time to be alive as a student anyway, Spotify and Hulu have teamed up for a price that is next to nothing.  As a student myself, I am always appreciative when companies go out of their way to allow us to use their products on a budget we can afford. I’m going to be honest, I wish it was free because that’s what I can truly afford but this bundle comes awfully close.

These two giant streaming services have come together to create an education bundle that is sure to make students everywhere can have a few more meals per month. Priced at $4.99 for the two services, those who are not students are sure to see that they pay nearly twice that for just one subscription.

Combining music and video through two separate companies seems to be the first of it’s kind leaving Apple Music and Tidal in its wake.  Hopefully this sort of collaboration will catch on because having an Apple Music and Netflix or Tidal and Amazon Prime partnership would usher in the new age of the digital buffet.

If you are a student and want to take advantage of these services you can find it here. Happy streaming!

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