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Dude, Where’s My Plane? The World Awaits An Answer!

Malaysian government says it is, ‘looking at every possible reason the plane disappeared’ – with 239 people aboard.

As the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight continued into a third day on Monday, Malaysian aviation authorities also say they are ‘fearing the worst‘, and that radar displays indicate the plane could have possibly turned around. But it appears nobody is very sure of anything yet, when it comes to this truly bizarre airplane mystery.

The whole World appears stunned, and awaiting an answer to this so-far strange aeronautic anomaly..

“We are looking at all possibilities. We cannot jump the gun. Our focus now is to find the plane.” ~ Malaysian Transport Minister

Recent Updates:

  • Search operation has involved 34 aircraft and 40 ships from several countries
  • Floating ‘yellow object’ turned out to be sea trash, not a life raft
  • Reported ‘oil slick’ found in Sea thought to be from the plane, is not related
  • At least two passengers were travelling using stolen passports
  • Plane carried 227 passengers, and 12 crew members

The Search Is On!

Rescue helicopters and ships searching for the missing plane rushed Monday to investigate a yellow object that looked like a life raft. It turned out to be just some moss-covered trash floating in the ocean. Once again dashing hopes after more than two days of fruitless search for the plane that disappeared en route to Beijing.

Experts say possible causes of the apparent crash include: an explosion, catastrophic engine failure, terrorist attack, pilot error or even suicide.

There have been a few glimmers of hope, but so far no trace of the plane has been found. On Sunday afternoon, a Vietnamese plane spotted a rectangular object that was thought to be one of the missing plane’s doors, but ships working through the night could not locate it. And the Malaysian maritime officials found some oil slicks in the South China Sea and sent a sample to a lab to see if it came from the plane – but results on Monday show the oil slick is not related to the missing Airplane at all.

Terrorism is considered a possibility. The sudden disappearance of Flight MH370 has given to speculation a bomb might have been on board..

“I have also spoken to international intelligence agencies for assistance.” ~ Malaysian Defense Minister


This all raises a lot of unanswered questions. Like, if the pilots had the wherewithal to turn around, why didn’t they also communicate with any of the towers? There was no distress call and no sign of the plane even after dozens of countries have come together, sharing intelligence and radar data.

The whole world seems to be ‘holding their collective breath’, and waiting any answers that can begin to solve this very peculiar and frankly unsettling airplane mystery. Not to mention the families of the missing 239 who were aboard Flight MH370. After all they have the most to gain from solving this mystery.

Our hearts go out to the families, as our minds demand answers – so we can put the pieces together and make some sense of this all!

Please stay tuned..


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