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Exploring Two Sides Of Psychedelic Rock: Abby Gogo & Quilt Live

Boston’s Quilt make music that’s perfect for their namesake: their’s is a comforting, warm version of psychedelia that at times recalls the San Francisco sound of the 60s. It’s out there and weird, but in an inviting and comforting way. Atlanta’s Abby Gogo, who opened the show, play a loud (very loud), fuzzed-out version of psychedelic shoegaze that strongly recalls the likes of My Bloody Valentine. The two band’s varying sounds made for a wonderfully trippy evening of music in Atlanta last month, and True Blue was there to document the proceedings.

Abby Gogo – “White Car”

Abby Gogo is comprised of brothers Bon and Jon Alinson, who man the guitars and vocals and are joined on drums by Puma Navarro. Their in-your-face, loud-as-all-fuck live show is something to behold, as the power and fury their set is pretty impossible to ignore. I’d been wanting to catch them live for awhile, and to say I had my wig blown would be a bit of an understatement.

Abby Gogo exists at the intersection of garage rock and intense shoegaze, and their songs feature a distorted sort of almost violent beauty that can be enthralling. The set consisted mainly of songs off of their 2012 self-titled debut, but the band also road-tested an impressive new number that caught my attention for being so divergent from their previous material. Any time a band steps out of their comfort zone and succeeds it’s intriguing and the new tune certainly enticed me for what’s in store for the group.

Quilt’s Shane Butler, Anna Fox Rochinski, and John Andrews successfully expanded the psyche-folk of their self-titled debut on this year’s Held In Splendor, adding string sections to songs that crescendo with intense guitar flourishes. Much like Abby Gogo, Quilt wears it’s inspirations on it’s sleeve, and while their music is presented through a Jefferson Airplane/The Byrds filter, it manages to retain an original touch.

The interplay between Butler, Rochinski, and Andrews both on record and live is fantastic, with the group’s sound settling between 60’s pop and psychedelia, along with some darkness sprinkled at the edge of the sunshine-y songs. What started as a side project between art school students has certainly blossomed into a well-oiled and intriguing group. I was expecting a bit of wildness from the stage setup and performance considering the member’s art school background, but Quilt’s setup and performance was very straight ahead and completely focused on the music.

Quilt – “Tired & Buttered”

All in all the show was a very rewarding look at two bands exploring very different sides of the psychedelic coin and proved to be a wonderful bill overall. Quilt reinforced their place as a very viable touring band who has quickly become a group that people are taking notice of, and Abby Gogo proved to be an act worth keeping an eye on. Both bands’ further development will be something to take note of, and I’d wager everyone who was in attendance that chilly night at the 529 club would agree.

Quilt – “Tie Up The Tides”:

All photo credit: Caitlin Webb Photography

Quilt 2014 tour dates:
4-25 Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle (w/ Woods)
4-26 Washington, D.C. @ Rock & Roll Hotel (w/ Woods)
4-27 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter (w/ Woods)
4-28 Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight (w/ Woods)
4-29 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Purgatory Stage) (w/ Woods)
5-1 Houston, TX @ Mango’s (w/ Woods)
5-2 Austin, TX @ Austin Psych Fest
5-3 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada (w/ Woods)
5-4 Lawrence, KS @ Seed Co. Studios (w/ Woods, Blood on the Wall, Your Friend, Oils)
5-6 St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway (w/ Woods)
5-7 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (w/ Woods)
5-9 Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Great Hall (w/ Woods)
5-10 Montreal, QC, Canada @ Cabaret Playhouse (w/ Woods)
5-11 South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground (w/ Woods)
5-13 Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery (w/ Woods)
5-14 Boston, MA @ The Sinclair (w/ Woods)
5-15 Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge (w/ Woods)
5-16 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom (w/ Woods)