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Explosions In The Sky & Eluvium Collab On New Project Inventions

Any time two musicians as talented and highly regarded as Explosions In The Sky guitarist Mark E. Smith and Eluvium mastermind Matthew Cooper announce a project together, the music world eagerly awaits any and all material. Yesterday the two artists released a song from their new Inventions project entitled “Peaceable Minds”, which will be on their self-titled debut for Temporary Residence Records, out March 1st.

The project began when the longtime friends, label mates and touring partners collaborated on a song on Eluvium’s 2013 album Nightmare Ending titled Envenom Mettle. The two dug what they had come up with and were soon sending files back and forth from Cooper’s home in Portland, Oregon to Smith’s Austin, Texas abode via the interwebs. The duo then secluded themselves in an Oregon beach house to record the record, which sounds a lot like what you’d expect Pacific Northwest ambient beach music would sound like. Chilly but inviting, tranquil and beautiful… but with an slight sense of foreboding bubbling under the surface.

Check out tracklisting for the record below, along with another cut from the album, “Entity”, below:

Inventions tracklisting:

01 Echo Tropism
02 Flood Poems
03 Entity
04 Luminous Insects
05 Peaceable Child
06 Sun Locations / Sun Coda
07 Recipient
08 Psychic Automation

And for good measure, here’s Explosions In The Sky’s epic track “Postcard from 1952”, simply because it’s fan-fucking-tastic.

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