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As Far as Education Goes…

As a teacher in the classroom the last few years, I’ve often found myself hampered for the correct words to deliver my students so to have them, no, to make them, understand what school is all about. It’s about an education alright, but not so much the education received from books.

I also fear the years I spent working construction, or the years stolen from me while bouncing at a bar on Chicago’s Northside neighborhood which houses The Lovable Losers of Major League Baseball have taken from me an ability to speak without swearing and punching somebody in the face when they don’t understand information. Something, most certainly, no school board would be fond of.

Some things that may surprise you about the purpose of school

As most know, not all of us will ever use Quadratic Equations  day in and day out – if we ever use them at all. The same goes for the Pythagorean Theorem, SOHCAHTOA (see, you’ve no idea what this is), a² + b² = c² and all the other items which elude me at this moment. So school, as the instructors would have students believe, is not about learning things which kids will use everyday for the rest of their lives.

And they most certainly would never tell their students that school is more about learning how to handle all the shit which is going to be thrown at them for the rest of their lives. But as the kids pick up all the information in classes, they pick up the real lesson which school is teaching; When the shit is thrown at you, move out the way, or get hit in the face with it.

To direct your attention to a man who can say what I’m trying to say much, much more clearly, I now direct you to the blog of Mr. Chase Mielke. Seriously, go read this: What Students Really Need To Hear.



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