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Faraday Future FF Zero 1 CES 2016

The future of mobility and the automobile is….the Batmobile.

Faraday Future announces its concept car this evening and the looks of it are quite “interesting”. Not quite as interesting as their opening comment from their head of Public Relations. The first words we heard from this new company that is going to change the world was…”a teleprompter would be nice.”  (kinda bitchy, huh?)

Their senior vice president went on to talk about how fast Telsa has come to the market with their car, 9 years from concept to completion). Then he proceeded to talk about how MUCH faster his company is going. (Ok great…so you want to come to market as a new car company with only two years under your belt?…speaking of belt….with only two years of operating…your car better have MULTIPLE seat belts. (Cause I will not trust your safety_ hehe).

I think they might need to rethink how to market to the USA.  The presentation lacked any finesse.  You just can’t name drop and say how much “faster” you are then anyone else.  It also doesn’t look good when you are basically admitting that you stole great talent from other companies (BMW, Tesla) to come work for this company that is getting MOST OF ITS FUNDING from CHINA!

Way to go USA….giving away something else to them, eh?

But let’s get back to the look of the car. The outside screams Bruce Wayne while the inside looks like George Jetson! And George will have to ride solo, no room for Astro! That’s right people, it’s a one seater.  


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