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Feminism: The Anti-Feminine Movement

Whenever we talk about gender issues, someone will often make the argument that there is really no difference between men and women and that gender roles and gender are socially conditioned. I disagree with this. The first clue that tipped me off to a difference in genders was that I looked at a man and I looked at a woman and saw that they were different.

I have a theory that the gender roles and traditional definitions we have for what is feminine and what is masculine stem from the hormones that are specific to each gender. While a certain degree of our concepts of gender are socially conditioned, I think there is a fundamental difference in men and women which is rooted in our different hormones.

Female hormones are said to bring about a more sensitive, emotional and nurturing nature. Our ideas around what is feminine commensurate with the effects of the female hormones. Likewise, the male hormone testosterone is said to cause aggressive and violent behavior. It is also said to instill greater self-confidence and a much more active libido than women typically have. I have seen this confirmed on YouTube by several different women who made videos documenting their experiences of transforming themselves into men by taking testosterone. Women who have done this attest to having an overwhelmingly “vibrant” sex drive, the likes of which they had never known. Another woman I know personally who had undergone a sex change spoke of a vast increase in her self-confidence and boldness from taking the male hormone.

Gender “equality” is unnatural

Now that we’ve established gender difference, we can acknowledge our similarities—we are human before we are a gender. However, the fact of the fundamental difference between men and women makes equality between the genders impossible to achieve without extensive mutations of nature. We can have equality to the extent, in that both men and women are human beings, but where the differences kick in, you will always hear complaints from both sides as they see the other side being treated differently. For example, men might become resentful of leniency shown to a woman in her job because she has children or becomes pregnant. On the other hand, women may complain of sexism because employers may hesitate to hire a woman, since there is a risk she will get pregnant and require a large amount of time off.

You Can’t Turn a Fish into a Bird

In its attempts to make the genders “equal,” feminism has sought to take the masculinity out of men and the femininity out of women. It is like trying to force a bird to be a fish and a fish to be a bird. Instead of the bird and fish embracing what they inherently were and reaching their respective potentials alongside each other, the fish became envious because the bird was flying in the sky. She started hopping out of the water trying to prove that she was just as “good” as the bird. In so doing, she abandoned herself and her environment, concluding that she and her environment are inferior to the bird and his environment. This conclusion resulted from the fish’s belief that she and the bird should be the same.

Ideally, the fish would have acquired an intimate knowledge of herself, her self-worth and inherent strength through focusing inwardly. Instead, outwardly focused, she demanded sameness and equality with the bird, which led to the clipping of the bird’s wings, so that he wouldn’t be able to fly better than the fish. In order to make two fundamentally different creatures equal, you must first find ways to artificially mutate them into sameness, because a prerequisite for equality is sameness.

So now, instead of discovering the power of her own nature and optimizing the flow of her life within the deep-sea environment in which she thrives, the fish single-mindedly dwells on forcing change in the bird. The bird, meanwhile, becomes weighed down by accusations and is increasingly confused about how to express his true nature in a way that is acceptable to the fish, as he loses himself more and more in a tidal wave of political correctness.

The result of this mutation seems to be men of an increasingly passive and “limp” nature, having become wary about expressing themselves in a way that might be considered too masculine, and women increasingly donning a violent-minded and “tough” attitude or façade, to hide an insecurity resulting from their lack of self-knowledge and rejection of self.

How did this happen?

This is a masculine world. The life system on this planet is based on what men want. We get up every morning and we live our lives for what men want. What do men want? As far as I can tell, the answer is money, power, domination over others and material possessions. Every single person on this planet, from cradle to grave, lives for one or more of these things. We are all forced to.

Why? Who decided this? Maybe someone decided thousands of years ago that this was how we were going to live and that these were going to be the building blocks of human life. I think these building blocks are solely representative of men’s interests and this is where the problem starts.

Have women actually sat back in contemplation and sorted out their own desires from a genuine place within themselves? Are women all about money, power and dominating others? I certainly am not. I think at their core, women are more interested in things such as love, human relationships and, yes, expressions of nurturing.

Women have bought into this masculine money-power value system. This system is in the process of ravaging the planet and eradicating humanity. Everyone in the world can see this—millions have been killed in wars and the planet is being raped for money and power. Yet despite all of this, when feminism arrived on the scene, women decided that they wanted what men had. They weren’t interested in love and nurturing, they said. They wanted money, power and material wealth too. They wanted an equal right to share in the destruction of the planet and humanity.

Women are not naturally suited to succeed in a money-power system. This is a testosterone-driven system. The more self-confident, assertive, aggressive and exploitative one can be, the greater the heights of success one can potentially reach in our world. Thus, one must become masculine to become what has been deemed successful—hence, the masculine world.

At the start of feminism, women were too lacking in self-awareness to determine accurately what they truly desired, thus with no introspection whatsoever, they simply sought to acquire everything men had, more out of revenge and anger than anything else. By doing this, they were implying that what is important to men is superior to what is important to women. Women must have understood on some level that what makes them tick will not get them the esteemed money or power men had, and on that basis came to scorn all that could be deemed traditionally feminine and concluded that they and their femininity were inferior to men and masculinity. Thus, the mutation began.

We are not supposed to be equal

I don’t think men and women were meant to be equal any more than the lungs were meant to be “equal” to the heart. There was never supposed to be competition or envy between genders, but rather two separate functions to be fulfilled by them, each in accordance with the natural disposition of their gender. Men and women were intended to live in a symbiotic relationship with one another, each feeding the other in their unique way for the good of humanity.

Women seem either oblivious to, or abusing the sway they hold over men. I have observed over many years in several different cultures and countries that men seem to do whatever they need to do to appease women. I see women setting boundaries and men adapting to those boundaries. Men continue to adapt to women’s demands to such an extent that they are now disengaging from their own masculinity in order to appease the feminist society. It seems as though one of men’s primary desires regarding women is to appease them. This imbues women with the power to shape human society, as feminism has done.

Women were meant to be men’s conscience, not their competition. When true to her feminine nature and approaching a man from a place of love, a woman has the disposition to soften the negative aspects of masculinity, which is to the benefit of humanity. Unfortunately, we are living in a feminist world where feminine nature is considered shameful and backwards and masculine qualities are aspired to among women.

When the feminist movement came along, we did need a change in our over-masculine societies. However, the movement was rooted in anger and a desire for revenge, which made it impossible for women to stay true to themselves.  Women took the low road by aspiring down to the masculine money-power system. As a result, we are now living in a world that is far more dominated by negative masculine aspects than it was at the start of feminism, and humanity and the planet are suffering the consequences for it.

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