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My First DMT Experience: Hanging With Spirit

“I see and feel things differently. Is that better or worse? It is neither. Just different.” – Sherry Dorion

Before I begin writing about my trip to the spirit world on DMTplease know: I am not by any means, suggesting anyone do it. If you choose to, that is your choice and I wish you a great experience. Also I am not glorifying its use, however, my experience was life changing. I would like to add that I am not a person who dabbles in multiple drugs. I have never tried cocaine, or any other ‘ego-based’ drugs. I have tried marijuana and all its family members and mushrooms. I am by no means advertising drug use, just describing my experience with DMT. It is illegal and is not to be casually messed with.

Personal & Powerful!

For over six months I had been investigating the Peruvian jungle’s Ayahuasca tea, and the spiritual experiences these rainforest tribe members endure and what they gain from its use in spiritual ritualistic ceremonies and trials. The tea is a entheogenic and psychedelic tea or soup of various plant infusions prepared with the Banisteriopsis caapi plant, combined with the leaves of DMT/dimethyltryptamine-containing species of shrubs called Psychotria or with the leaves of the Justicia pectoralis plant. It can also be made into crystal form, and the crystals can be smoked. This is the way I chose to experience DMT. This was not just a choice I made on the spot or overnight. I researched it and watched videos for a long time to make my final decision to try it. Which I ask anyone thinking about trying it also to do. Your choice is your own.

After an amazing day in nature I settled for the evening. It was a very recent beautiful night – sky filled with stars, air warm and windy. Around 11:15pm I was falling asleep when I completely woke up and was compelled to try it. I was waiting to have a ceremony the next night but something compelled me to prepare my room. I smudged every inch of my room, lit candles, prepared my camera, paper and pen. When I laid down to try it the time was 11:22pm during the start of the annual solar eclipse and a new moon. I have always been a spiritual person. I believe and feel there is more to life than what we may know now or see or feel. I don’t necessarily need answers to anything but my curiosity and something else compelled me.

Starting The Journey:

I decided to lay backwards on my bed facing my painted artwork of The Flower of Life on my bedroom wall. I was nervous. I had no idea what I may see, feel or experience. Everyone’s experience is your own and is meant for you and only you. I lit my crystals and immediately became relaxed. I held all the smoke in my mouth and inhaled deeply, holding it as long as I could. As I finally exhaled slowly, already my Flower of Life artwork came to life in a multidimensional pathway to light and spirit. It wasn’t as though I went anywhere physically, it was here just on a different level of consciousness. I immediately started to feel everything around me in a spiritual training session preparing me for what was to come. I felt welcomed as though I was expected. It was as though there were entities or spirits all around me that I could feel and hear within myself but not see.

The Flower of Life slowly changed into a vision of the world with an endless space encompassing it. It was as though I was being shown how we are all small cosmic pieces combined together to create everything that is. It was as though the spirits were showing me through their eyes how they see us and feel for us. It was pure love. This love was so pure and so bright, I held my chest over my heart and tears developed within my eyes. I have never felt something so beautiful, yet now I have.I would like to explain the rest of my experience by calling them spirit. Its the best way to describe them, these entities which guided me.

I wasn’t afraid whatsoever. It was a completely peaceful spiritual experience in light with every answer I would ever need in my life. Spirit allowed me to write and take pictures. Spirit allowed me to see. Spirit is love, pure love. Light, pure light. In their eyes we are beautiful and I felt perfectly perfect in my imperfections. Mistakes in life are eminent its how we learn. We are way too hard on ourselves. We are in need of healing and forgiveness of ourselves. Within us are all the answers we will ever need. Anything and everything within us now. Spirit’s thought process is so different from our own yet so similiar. In situations where we suffer in our misfortunes, we can miss the entire lesson. We strengthen our entire being and souls through difficulties we are faced with daily.

Wisdom Shared?

Gratitude was something they dove into deeply with me. Spirit showed me how a little shift in our thought process can literally change our lives. Just being positive and showing gratitude for the gifts we have in ourselves and life. Gratitude is a very important part of life which we all need to practice. Spirit allowed me to be among them so I could understand them clearer, deeper and through this I understand life clearer, deeper and myself. The way spirit is, is quite simple in a perplexing realm different from our own. Not much different though. We have the abilities within ourselves to learn these levels of consciousness and live free without judgement, with peace, love and acceptance of every human soul or being. We have the ability to see the beauty spirit sees. My trip with DMT was spiritual in ways not properly described in words. Although I have attempted to share as much as I can in words. The experience itself was enlightening. And when it comes to life – a little change has never hurt anyone.

“Don’t be afraid to feel.” ~  “Within me is beauty, within you is beauty.” ~ “We are here always, we are one.” ~ “The Universe has your back.” ~ Spirit

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