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Game Preview: Outlast

The Scare of the Year!

Technically, the Scare of Last Year, but I finally started playing the game, Outlast, on steam this weekend. After hearing about horror video gameĀ for so long and reading so many positive reviews, I could not hold down the urge to try something so terrifying. Although I wish I had played it in broad daylight, I must say that terrifying is an absolute fitting word to describe the game. After all the hype, I thought I would have been prepared for something that would make me shiver at every turn, but nothing had readily prepared me for something as scary as Outlast. I have played many horror games in the past, but there has not been one that has given me constant chills down my spine.

Outlast has a dreary atmosphere, and the setting helps make the immersion into Outlast even more horrifying. The game is set in an insane asylum; one can only imagine how the NPC(non-playable characters) will be placed and react in that environment, let alone how the environment itself feels. The well-placed characters within the cramped walls of the asylum help to give a never-ending feeling of looking around your character to check nothing is sneaking up or around you.

The Horror!

While I was playing the game, I had multiple scares and loud screams that were, well, not very pretty. My friends kept on peeking over to see why I kept on screaming while playing a video game. So I would say Outlast is a game well made, in that it gives a ton of adrenaline pumping scaring moments. This game is not without its flaws, but when a game is as good as this, it is hard to stop the praise until every single detail is written down.

This is not a review of the game in any way, but more of a preview of what this game is like. I have yet to finish the whole game, but when I do, I will have a full review of Outlast. But in the meantime, go grab a copy and immerse yourself in a game of terrifying scares, one that proves that you do not need to have all those extra features to provide a satisfying blood pumping horror game.

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