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GameStop 3.0 Closes 120 More Stores

With the growth of online-gameplay, cloud based storage and mobile gaming, the need for the physical game itself is decreasing, and the gamers are realizing it. With that, CEO of the company GameStop, Paul Raines, is taking the initiative and starting what he calls a new phase for GameStop — 3.0.

The two biggest fields for GameStop has shifted and they’re currently chasing mobile and Apple devices, which they already buy back from customers. After closing numerous stores, they want to open up more “chain-specific” stores, says Rain. Instead of having: consoles, games, mobile and apple devices all in one, they plan to split them up. With GameStop 3.0, they will have their new stores selling specifically mobile and Apple devices, while keeping the original GameStop the same.

Paul stated:

“GameStop is already the third-largest and fastest-growing AT&T retailer in the US.”

From his statement, I believe we’ll see some fast progress with GameStop 3.0.

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