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‘God Hates Fags’ Preacher Finally Meets His Maker!

“Destroyed by the monster he made. I feel sad for all the hurt he’s caused so many.” ~ Nathan Phelps, Grandson

*Ding*Dong* – The Preacher’s Dead..

How are we supposed to feel? Should we even give it any attention at all?

Fred Phelps – the founding face of the infamous ‘Fag HatingWestboro Church in Kansas – has finally died at 84 – in hospice care. Reports came out from family members late Wednesday. He was recently reported to be ‘on his deathbed’ in his Kansas town, surrounded by loved ones. I guess they were preparing him to meet his maker – wherever that will happen!

We don’t even know him – and if you asked his family about him you would surely receive polarized opinions. But that’s depending on who you asked of course, because many of his family members are strong supporters of Fred and his ‘Church’. That means they also spend most of their energy promoting Westboro Church‘s hate agenda towards a number of social realities, including homosexuality.

His ‘Legacy’?

Fred W. Phelps – born in 1929 – established the small Topeka church in 1955. He then made it a household name by picketing funerals, public events and businesses with hateful signs attacking gay people, Jews and others. Westboro Church members were known for their ‘protest’ signs and clothing bearing the vile slogan, “God Hates Fags.” His warped worshippers gathered at military funerals, with signs praising God for active-duty deaths and the events of 9/11 – claiming both were punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality. In recent months, the group targeted celebrities like Paul Walker, who died in November – to draw attention to their hateful message. But yesterday, in a blog post by an unnamed spokesman, Westboro Church wrote: “no power struggles” regarding the search for a successor. The family also confirmed there will be no funeral. They went on to say:

“We serve no man, and no hierarchy. No red shoes, no goofy hat, and no white smoke for us; thank you very much.”

Some say the media should now ignore this so-called Church and it’s group of attention-seeking hate mongers, because they feed off of the attention so maybe it is best to starve them of what they want most! Others say we need to continue to report on the hate movement in all facets, in order to retain the awareness of how absurd and ostracizing their brand of behaviour should be! I tend to lean towards the latter opinion on this topic. And what about you?

I am sure if you asked Fred Phelps, he was happy to be ‘meeting his maker‘ – but I wonder if he STILL feels that way now..



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