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Granite Watches Are For The Flintstones? Think Again.

Hey watch lovers!

If you are looking for another watch to add to your collection, you just may dig the offerings that Lexell Stone Watches has for you.

These are no ordinary watches though. These wrist-adorning timekeepers have been crafted out of granite, steel, slate and quartzite! Yes, granite and slate…as in stones…

Upon first hearing about these, I had images in my head of these looking like something that a next door neighbor of the Flintstones would be wearing: Bulky, ugly and nothing that would ever be found within 10 feet of me? WRONG.

Lexell Stone Watches has actually designed these watches in such a way that they look classic, simple, wearable and clean.

And, achieving this was no small feat!

Many obstacles had to be overcome in the form discouragement from others, (because the granite watch has been attempted, but previously has failed), having to experiment with dozens of prototypes, finding the talent and skills needed in the designing of the watch and the knowledge of stonecutting (their struggle to find people who would be interested and willing, took them on a multi-continent search!)

Eventually a magical turn of events changed all of the challenges into victory!

Through the support of interested and curious individuals who caught the vision via Lexell Stone Watches’ Kickstarter campaign, 2000 watches were sold, which helped them to exceed their original funding goal by over 1,400 % (the total raised was $220,000USD)! They also had the distinction of hitting $100,000USD in 72 hours.

Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Most of the watches are for men, but ladies, we are not left out! They also have two for us as well, that are surprisingly attractive. These watches are not for those who are looking for an uber-trendy look, but if you want a watch that has a unique story behind it, these would be perfect!

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