This Week in Crowdfunding

Great Adaptations – A Childrens Book About Evolution

Man, do we love educational books over here at Trueblue. Ya we’re nerds, we get it! So you can just imagine when we heard about Great Adaptations!

Great Adaptations is an illustrated book about evolution, it’s said to have awesome and imaginative fun stories about animals and plants that are written similar to Aesop’s Fables. Great Adaptations is a collaborative work with world known and renowned scientists and top-notch talented artists. Creator Tiffany Taylor says that the book will be “about the natural world to children of all ages–while also being wildly entertaining!”

As it stands the goal is at $25,000 and is is over 50% funded (16,000 as I am writing this). Check out this Kickstarter; if you are a reddit lover like most of Trueblue you will recognize the name Unidan – he is one of the renowned scientists working on this project.

More information can be found here!

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