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The Great State of Mississippi; Not For Everyone

Why have I chosen Mississippi as the topic of this article today? Well, to be honest, beside it being the only state with three separate sets of letters which are duplicated in its name, I know nothing about it and am a tad interested to find out why I know so little.

Mississippi is the section of land bordered by Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee in the United States – in case you did horribly poor in your World Cultures classes in Jr. High School. It was first explored by Hernando de Soto, a representative for Spain, in the mid-1500’s. It was taken from Spain by the French and Sieur d’lberville, in 1699, constructed the first livable quarters near the city known today as Ocean Springs.

Cotton was king in this agricultural area for more than 100-years and has slowly given way to other cash crops such as soy, corn, peanuts, pecans, rice and sugar cane. Beside the veggies growing in the dirt, ¬†Mississippi is the largest producer of pond-raised catfish in the world. Plus, the founder of Barq’s Root Beer, Mr. Edward Barq, Sr., opened Biloxi Artesian Bottling Works in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1898 and started selling the famed rootbeer.¬†This last bit of info makes me want to pack my bags and move down, like, yesterday. Not too many things are better than a ice cold rootbeer paired with a deep dried catfish.

It is nicknamed the Magnolia State, roughly 46,900 square miles within state lines, the people who live here – just under 3 million in 2010 – are called ‘Mississippians’ and their official state land mammal and dance are the white tailed deer and the square dance. Really, my bags are packed and I’m headed for the truck, y’all.

This search of Mississippi is paying off BIG TIME! I can hardly wait to throw in a pinch of chew, dance the night away in a barn while listening to some fellas plucking the strings on their homemade banjos and listen to the white tails dancing through the tall wheat grass out near the barns!

Wait. What’s this tiny bit of news on the great state of Mississippi? Homosexual activity is considered illegal under the ‘unnatural intercourse’ statue of the state? This really shouldn’t bother me because I’m a heterosexual man, but it does bother me. Why does it bother me so?

The teachers of Mississippi are directed under the mandated sex-education curriculum to instruct their students homosexual behaviors are unnatural, therefor rendering these acts illegal. How in the hell is homosexuality ‘unnatural’? There are more than 1,500 species of animals which hold same sex relationships.

The entire species of the dwarf chimpanzee is bisexual. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM plays for both teams. Male lions are also bi. As are dolphins and killer whales. When it comes to ducks and geese, 4-5% of the species is homosexual and will spend an entire life with one partner. And much like the surrogate mothers who bare children for homosexual human couples in the world today, these flying delights will lay eggs for the homosexual fowl to raise.

So, there are at least 1,500 species of animal which engage homosexual activity and one, ONE, which holds homosexuality as an unnatural lifestyle?

Which side seems unnatural to you?

I think I’ll stay put here in Chicago. I’ve changed my mind about square dancing and watching the white tail.


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