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Guess Who’s Coming To Netflix? The BOYS!! (Video)

“There’s no other trio quite like Julian, Ricky and Bubbles..”  ~ Sean Carey, VP at Netflix


Good ol’ Julian, Ricky and Bubbles (and the rest of the trailer park) are heading to Netflix later this year, in all new Trailer Park Boys – exclusive to the video streaming site. The exclusive release of the Canadian ‘Cult Classic’ of Trailer Park Boys, ensures that a whole new generation and market of fans will emerge and surely adopt this addictive show as their own.

At least that’s what Sean Carey, VP at Netflix hopes: “Our U.S. and Canadian members love Trailer Park Boys and we’re excited to take their unique brand of humour to our markets throughout the Americas and Europe.”

What Does This All Mean?

This means that not only will the existing Trailer Park Boys episodes be available to all international and domestic markets on Netflix, but there will also be 2 whole new seasons (1o episodes of Season 8 available later this year, with new Season 9 episodes following after that). And, Netflix will release 3 standalone specials as well, which should be great for fans and newbies of the show alike.

Since the Award-winning TV show’s debut in 2001, Trailer Park Boys has become a fan-fave fixture of the Canadian comedy scene. The series centres around the ridiculously dopey and (usually) illicit antics of three petty crooks — seemingly tailed by a documentary crew  — as they go about their lives in a quirky mobile home community known as Sunnyvale.

Season seven ended in 2008, and according to sources, there have been some big changes around Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Ricky recently harvested an enormous marijuana crop which he has successfully hidden in the walls of his trailer, Julian has opened a bar and gym in his trailer and Bubbles is in the process of opening what he calls a ‘Shed and Breakfast’. (Like a Bed & Breakfast for Cats, I suppose..)

A Sunnyvale Future!

Who knows what else Netflix has in store for our fave trio and their motley crew of friends and enemies at Sunnyvale. It will be interesting to see how the Netflix crowd takes to the Canadian style of humour, but I am pretty sure they will find a perfect home with perfectly suited new fans, just chomping at the bit to get as much Trailer Park Boys as they can handle! And rightfully so. Good luck, boys!

I know I’ll give it at least a peek, when Trailer Park Boys comes to live exclusively on Netflix.

Check it out, even if you’ve never heard of it before – you won’t be disappointed!

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