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Guitar Noodle Vol. 1 – A True Blue Mixtape

Today we’ve got another installment of our weekly-ish ongoing series of themed playlists for your listening enjoyment here at True Blue (Check out our others: PBR&B, Other Voices, Savannah Stopover & the on-going Best Of 2014). With summertime and festival season upon us we thought it’d be good to share a mix you could enjoy driving at a high rate of speed with the windows down- a guitar-centric mix I’ve dubbed “Guitar Noodle”.

As you can probably imagine, this mix is high on guitar solos, but not the meandering hippie kind (although there are a couple tracks that fall under that category,that comes another day), this edition is more the full-on, balls to the wall, alcohol-and-whatever-else-you’ve-got-fueled, head for the fucking hills kind. Still, there are some awfully extended solos (aka noodles) on here, ya dig? We hope so. Enjoy the mix on both Rdio and Spotify below… preferably on 11.

“An Ocean In Between The Waves” – The War On Drugs
“It Never Stops” – Deerhunter
“JM” – Strand Of Oaks
“Back To Land” – Wooden Shijps
“Phantom Feelings” – La Luz
“Theodocia” – Shehehe
“Whole New Dude” – William Tyler
“Wakin On A Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile
“Vacations” – Dead Confederate
“Pearly Gates” – The Men
“Black Tiles” – Wild Flag
“Canned Tomatoes (Whole)” – Courtney Barnett
“Taller” – Gringo Star
“Austerity Blues” – Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra
“Art Of Almost” – Wilco
“The Rat” – The Walkmen
“Persuasion” – ARP
“See It My Way” – Mikal Cronin
“Derek’s Blues” – Natural Child
“Supermoon” – The Men
“With Light And Love” – Woods
“The Astronaut Part One” – Wax Fang
“Ski Chalet” – Futurebirds
“Doused” – DIIV
“And She Smiles” – New Madrid