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Happiness Over Riches

The pursuit of happiness is a phrase of joy that can mean so many things.

It can either be learning how to be happy with just the minor and simple things in life or just doing something that makes you happy can turn out to be the best feeling in the world. Yet it is true that the power of money can sometimes change people for the good or worse. Even though money may only make you happy for that moment, it is not always a solid guarantee that things will always stay the same.

You cannot always believe that the answer to success and happiness is based on how many bills you can stuff in your pocket or how much money you make. The problem with this society is that most of us rather be rich or famous than be happy and comfortable. Leaving behind the necessities of our life and craving more and more wants until we end up miserable and unhappy. Even while living in this money hungry crazed technology world I have learned something important. That as fast as you can make and gain money the easier and faster it can slip away. At one point in my life I actually thought I wanted to be famous and have all the money in the world.

Happiness is finding the joy in all aspects of life

Yet nowadays when I look at the media and everything I see on TV, it seems as though being rich and famous is only a reflection. It seems as if the glamorous image you see TV is only sugarcoated with what you want to see and not reality. It seems as if your personal life is always being put on blast without any sense of privacy. I think if money makes you happy then it is ultimately your choice. Yet at the same time do not forget that it is not everything. To seek the true happiness out of life comes with positivity. Embracing everything that comes your way and finding the joy out of life.

Happiness can be forever if it is true, but greed and riches are like drugs that never get old or tired. Yet in a world consumed by peer pressure and change sometimes being happy can be easier said than done. On the other hand if money is used in a positive way than it can change a person’s life for the better. Whether it is used to help sustain financial stability, donate to a charity, or just be used for acts of kindness the power of money can be a gift. So for those out there that believe that riches can buy you happiness there is definitely some truth behind this statement. Yet at the end of the day you must decide for yourself what makes you happy. Is it money or is it your self-worth?

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