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Happy PI Day!

It’s Pi Day, the day in which we choose to gorge ourselves with circular delights. In celebration of this mathematical day we sell goods at the reduced price of $3.14. Not only that, but in Science and Math classes all across the country Pi parties are being thrown on this oh so special occasion.

Pi Day’s History:

Pi is a mathematical constant represented by the Greek letter “π” — the ratio of a circumference to its diameter. In general we tend to say it equals 3.14 because if you wanted the whole number then you’d be doing some major math for a long time, seeing as it goes 1 trillion digits beyond the decimal point.   A physicist named, Larry Shaw, back in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium, originally organized the first Pi Day. It was close to 5 years ago, to the day, that the House of Representatives passed a law which recognized national Pi day as a day set aside to celebrate the discovery and usefulness of Pi, on March 11th, 2009.

Pi Day Celebrations Today:

Overtime the celebration has changed a little but has not strayed too far from the original idea, much like other holidays have. I’m not sure if Mr. Shaw had originally intended for stores and restaurants to jump on the idea quite as enthusiastically as they have, but the number of $3.14 sales you can find around town and around the net might surprise you.

Here are just a few examples of Pi day sales given to us by Time.com:

Boston: Go to the Beacon Hill Hotel for some pie or head down to Salvatore’s for some flatbread pizza, both $3.14.

Chicago: Here in the Second City, where deep crust is #1, everywhere you go you can find deals; in any bakery or pizzeria you step into.

St. Louis: If you go to your nearest Pi Pizzeria (located also in Missouri and Washington D.C.) you’re able to buy an entire pizza with the second one only costing a measly $3.14

Southeast: If you’re a resident of: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina or Tennessee then you may want head to the nearest, Your Pie; as it’s hosting its “5th Annual Celebration of the Circle”.

Celebrating National “Pi-en-stein” Awareness Day:

Though it’s not all about Pi nowadays, some people even celebrate the birth of Albert Einstein seeing he was born on the same day (3/14). Since Einstein worked for over 20 years at the Institute of Advanced study in Princeton, the town has become notorious for celebrating his legacy. You may even say that Princeton goes to an extreme; as they plan a whole weekend filled with activities based on both Pi and Einstein himself.

Well it’s about time I clock out and head down to the bakery to buy myself a slice in celebration of today. What about you? Share your comments below.

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