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The Hardships of Big Breast Beauty

It isn’t easy looking good, and I’m sure there are many other hot women that can back me up on this!

I‘m a pretty, 5’3” woman and mother. My figure isn’t my ideal figure, but is pretty good for my age and having had a couple of children. In the last two years I have started sporadically working on my health and fitness. My figure is what people could call slim and stacked. What does that mean? Let’s just say my cup size is closer to the middle of the alphabet than most people believe is even possible; it’s the size that specialty stores don’t even (or rarely) carry. Now the problem is not so much that my cups runneth over, it’s actually the fact that I’m fairly fit. My rib cage or “underbust” is only 32”. That means that I have to basically shop for two people, the bottom half of my body and my girls (breasts). If I were an overall larger or smaller woman I would have an easier time finding and affording bras, lingerie, and clothes in general.

The Back Story

Growing up it seemed that, compared to all my friends, it took a little longer for me to start getting anything close to a noticeable figure. And, when I finally started getting my curves it seemed they would never stop growing. In high school I played rugby and, even then, I had to wear five protective layers just to be able to run close to comfortably. Five layers! That’s a regular bra, two sports bra, a very snug tank top, and my jersey. I couldn’t even finish my last year’s season because I still didn’t feel supported enough. I’m pretty sure I went from A to DDD by the end of high school.

After high school, in my late teens and early 20’s, I worked in a nightclub.  I can’t lie, having nice curves really makes serving alcohol easy. Not that alcohol is difficult to sell, but having curves sure helped with the tips: for me, tips were never a problem.  I was constantly being hit on or asked if my breasts were real. I can’t even recall the number of times someone asked if “they” were real or if they could feel for themselves (and I’m not just talking men, women wanted to check them out too!). I have even gotten tips to just jump up and down a couple times and I’ve heard my fair share of pick-up lines.

One of my favorites has always been:

“Excuse me?” he said.
“I think you need to put on some weight!”
“Pardon me?!”
“Yes, if you ever want to put on 200lbs give me a call.”

I just laughed, smiled, and he went on his way. Let’s just say that, unless I wanted to be, I’ve never been lacking in the boyfriend department, so acting on every attempted pick-up line was never my style, but they can be amusing.

I eventually moved to the coast and, by the time I was ready to move, my bust had gone up to an H. I could only buy in one store on the coast and it was expensive. For something sexy and young, I had to pay $100+. I always had to save up to purchase new ones.  For me, that became normal. I’ll tell you this: you don’t know how out of the “norm” you are, until you have to order your nursing bras from another country because your country doesn’t carry your size. That is exactly what I had to do.

 At 25, when I got pregnant with my first son, I went up five cup sizes, (that’s K for anyone who isn’t familiar with cup sizes), and had to order  nursing bras from somewhere in the States.  Even in Vancouver, I maxed out most of the stores. Though I went back down but to an HH (not the original H that I was before) once nursing finished, my cup size has randomly increased over the years. When I had my second son, I went up to K again, but this time I didn’t go back down. In 2012, I discovered a store, in a mall of all places, that carried my size only to find out I had gone up another cup size. Frustrating is an understatement.

The “girls” in this day and age

To give you the low-down, my measurements are: 32K/L-32-36. I just went on a couple of sites to double check my bust size (according to the measuring tape) and one said I may even be a 32M or 30N, with my measurements. Just to give you an idea of where my bust lies in the scheme of things, here are all the cup sizes until mine: A,B, C, D, DD, DDD, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L.  If you want a better picture of what my proportions are, take a look at Stephanie Fox. I tell you this you, don’t realize really how your figure looks until you see it on someone else.  She has the same bust size as me, the only difference between Stephanie and I is that she is a little taller than I am. Be warned though, she is very difficult to find any information on that isn’t porn related.

Speaking of porn, I went through a period where I thought I might become an “adult” model. I even applied for a magazine called Score, who would have accepted me if I had my passport. In order to be an adult model you need to be willing to do at least soft porn videos, as well as photos. In conversations I had with the recruiter, she told me that there would be a place for me with Score as long as, during my fitness, I didn’t loose any cup sizes. I guess I did her one better because, even since talking to her in 2012, I’ve gone up yet again.

Just like when I was in high school, I still have to wear at least 5 layers to exercise. That’s a bra with underwire, two sports bras, a tank top with a built in shelf bra, and a workout tank top. I don’t jog/run alone or with someone else, as I don’t want to hurt myself or them (haha). I have been putting out feelers to anyone and everyone I know that has any interest or is involved in the fitness/health world to ask if they have suggestions, other than getting a reduction, for exercising with a large bust, and so far no one really has any solutions or suggestions. I don’t want to have to have surgery and, since I’ve been involved with fitness and no longer have back problems, there is no real reason to. I just don’t want my breasts to hurt when I have to run or jump.  Is that really too much to ask?

It’s not just undergarments: swimsuits and dresses are a killer too. I always have to get a two piece bathing suit that has mix-and-match options. I’m a small on the bottom and a not-so-small on top. Dresses almost never fit properly and if I do find one it is usually custom made and costs an arm and a leg. When I shop, I have to ignore the size of an item and just try them all to see what  fits best. More than that, being short also means that most places don’t have my leg length, so I either have to luck out, roll up, wear heels, or get them hemmed. All shirts I own become cleavage shirts; so much so that I’m surprised I don’t cause more actual accidents.  Though I do know that I am a distraction when I walk by.  I am open to suggestions for finding alternatives, that don’t involve surgery, to help keep the girls in place or places that might sell things for a person of my stature. Feel free to comment with any options.

Moving on…

Being in, what I consider, my prime— fit and attractive— may help me get through the social world a little easier, but it doesn’t help when trying to shop. When I find stores that have things that I like, I often leave without having found anything that fits or that is affordable.  I usually don’t go into stores and if all the mannequins are very thin, tall, and have no curves. Any store that sells lingerie, especially in malls, I usually avoid unless I’m looking for bottoms only or items without underwire.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know every body type has it’s challenges.  But, if you are slim with an average or smaller-than-average bust size you can buy a bra or just clothes anywhere. If you are a bigger woman with an average cup size you can buy a bra in almost any department store. Even if you are bigger with an above average bust you can still find bras almost everywhere. I have to actually hunt down stores that may or may not carry my size.  And if they don’t carry it, amazingly, some aren’t even willing to order them in.

Social interactions

Okay, what is the world like for me? Well, I try to make as light of it as possible. I try to be the first one to bring up the fact that I have giant breasts.  That way people feel more at ease and more comfortable with the fact that they can’t seem to stop staring or noticing them. I make them laugh about it; it seems to work the best. Some reactions to the girls are good, some are bad.

When talking to men, they do not make eye contact: they make boob contact.  I think about getting t-shirts that say “They wont talk to you, so it’s better to make eye contact”. It doesn’t even matter if they are with their partner or not.  Often they look too. What is boiled down to is people thinking I’m easy because I have large breasts, while at the same time intimidating them. Men often won’t make the first move and women give me jealous looks.

Women always seem to have a mixed reaction to me. Some are fascinated and ask me all sorts of questions: from “are they real?”, to “do they hurt you?”, to “can I touch them?”. Others seem pissed off with the fact that I got more than my “fair” share. When it comes to partners— and I have a good few— some are only interested in seeing and feeling breasts my size without actually being interested in me personally. Yes, these are things that men have outright said to me.  I may as well be a freak show or circus exhibit.

In my eyes, I think my bust size issues are similar to men and their challenges with penis size.

What’s a hot girl to do?

So what’s a girl like me to do?  Some of you are probably thinking, “oh whine whine, your life is so hard”, and some are thinking “I wish she would share”, but to tell you the truth having a figure like mine has it’s challenges like any other.  I just go day by day and make the best of my situation.

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