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Hating The Olympics Is Wrong. But So Is Patriotism!! (Video)

“Am I proud to be American?! I dunno. I didn’t have a lot to do with it. My parents fucked there. That’s about all.” ~ Bill Hicks

Living vicariously through Illuminati pageantry and the awe-inspiring actions of a handful of the ‘Children of Elitism’?

OK – fine..but is it wrong to be patriotic or proud of your Nation?!

Maybe so – especially since Nations are really just invisible, imaginary lines on the ground that have been drawn on a map by the ‘Powers That Be’ (PTB), and bequeathed a special neato name and flag to get behind! And somehow you are proud to be born in one of these pretend sections, as though you had anything to do with it?! Come on! Check for yourself. Just get to a strategic altitude and view the surface of the Earth – you’ll see it – no lines anywhere!! (Maybe, Nasca in Peru, but that’s different!) Maps lie, globes lie, and even Google Earth likes to try and pretend there are invisible lines separating everyone on the planet!

Weird when you really think of it..

Before I need to go into any reasons to hate the Olympics, you should really give more thought to what the Olympic Games represent. And how much time and effort are spent by the controlling factions to put on such an audacious and allegory-laden spectacle. Is it really all just for the World coming together to celebrate diversity, prowess and an honest sporting spirit?! Or, is it further indication of the stranglehold placed on global culture by PTB who need the status quo reinforced in spectacular fashion every few years..just to be safe!

“Let them eat cake.” ~ Marie Antoinette’s Head

Like seals trained to behave and perform, we watch our screens with baited breath – frothing at the mouth, and ROARING TO LIFE when some ‘special’ stranger (often barely attributed to the country they are representing), achieves results half-a-second better than somebody else. Or, more goals are scored than another team in some contrived game of sport that the PTB have sanctioned us to partake in, and display for their hedonistic basking pleasure.


Screaming and howling, hugging and kissing..flooded with emotions and endorphins, us trained seals clap and howl together as the media rushes to fill our minds and our viewing screens with images of Patriotic mellow-drama, sweet victory and the painful sting of dastardly defeat!

“Didn’t win it this time, Sport?! Awww, oh well – *scruffs head* – There’s always next time!” ~ Any Sitcom Father

Perhaps we should really examine why we continue to reinforce the ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality, and the proprietary, ‘Proud to be {Insert Nationality}’ moniker. Until then, the PTB will continue to inundate us with crowd-controlling comradery and distracting, bedazzled delights that seem to be unsettlingly capable of killing and replacing any realistic feelings we might have of shared unity, disastrous dissatisfaction or roaring resolve to change anything.

Sure, hating the Olympics is wrong. But allowing yourself to feel overwhelmingly patriotic, about the Olympic Games or Sports in general, could be considered a ‘special kind of silly’, no?!

Shit, they’re even passing law measures here, so that ‘PROUD’ Canadians can get drunk and incoherent by 6am tomorrow..

Because, hey! – you know – there’s a gold-medal hockey game on tomorrow! *hiccup* D’oh. Go, Team, Go!!

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