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HTC Vive PRO at CES 2018 LIVE

UPDATE:  Looks like the native resolution of the HTC VIVE PRO is going to be 2880×1600 which is over 75 percent increase according to HTC.   The new headset will feature built in headphones AND a new head strap that is similar to sony.  Hmmm…Oculus….its your move now!

CES 2018 is starting in Las Vegas this week!   Our first stop is the press conference for HTV Vive which starts in less then 45 minutes. (1pm PST)  We will update this new article with what they announce!  Hopefully we will get some shots of the new product. (If there is one)

HTC recently tweeted and the tweet seemed to be hint about resolution.  Does this mean new 4k display?  Or perhaps just better optics that cause less “god rays”?   We will find out soon!





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