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Why I Love Trueblue: Part 1

Trueblue is a colourful online magazine that takes its offbeat storytelling seriously.

An epicurean cultural critique, I love Trueblue Magazine because it’s a feast for the eyes and the curious mind. An eclectic gang of wordsmiths, live-wired to the current of what’s new and strange, and happening now, Trueblue Magazine is a team of literary activists, content curators and crafters of venturous copy. As a writer, I consider Trueblue Magazine my new home and creative family. A growing tribe of bold, faithful and fearless journalists and culture freaks, Trueblue Magazine is a village of bold torch-bearers with fresh voices promising its readers: “no artful lies!” Just heartful eyes and restless words, bearing witness to how we feel now.

You will love Trueblue Magazine too, because they are eye-witnesses and true lovers of colour and story, and texture and tone. A medium of striking visuals and free-range writing where no topical stone is left unturned– Trueblue Magazine is cultivating fearless writers like an apple tree grows apples! Like gardeners of green meadows, the publishers of Trueblue Magazine are planters with a new kind of literary soil, and cultivators of fresh ideas. Trueblue Magazine has fast become a home for free-thinkers and people bad at shutting up when there’s something important to say. Trueblue Magazine is a home for readers to roam like free birds feasting on the green shoots of street culture, social commentary and delicious visual media. Trueblue Magazine is the proud revealer of the off-beat and super-fantastic and a scuttle-bug to the tired, the bored and the boring! As a writer I have joined the TrueBlue Magazine family as a pre-emptor of the growing web-literate orthodoxy, insisting that ideas be free and expression bold!

For readers in need of stimulation, Trueblue Magazine is an oasis of consistently compelling copy and a home to a colourful mind. Trueblue Magazine is a kaleidoscopic tour of social issues and revealing commentary. For me, a few hours on TrueBlueMagazine is like a psychedelic experience heightening your senses profoundly if you take its medicine seriously. Psychedelics induce a “mental state characterized by a profound sense of intensified sensory perception”, dissolving boundaries between “self” and “other”, removing any distinction between the experiencer and the experience itself. Psychedelic compounds dissolve artificial fences between the takers-of-the-medicine and their surroundings, heightening sensation as the channels of your evolving mind are opened.

Trueblue is a magazine that creates a vivid literary presence, resetting your awareness, sharpening your focus. Like good psychedelics, Trueblue Magazine opens the senses, stimulates emotions and draws new connections to previously hidden truths. TrueBlue Magazine is that type of medicine. With TrueBlue, you are always sensually here and culturally now. Like true psychedelic medicine, Trueblue Magazine will profoundly heighten your senses with its colour-rich presentation and off-beat journalism that pushes your neurons in new directions. Trueblue reading provokes a panoramic gaze that gets your synapses firing in many colourful directions, provoking brain plasticity better than Lumosity!

Psychedelics are a kaleidoscopic trip, a boundary-dissolving immersion, a mind-bending journey to that place behind the waterfall of experience that you’ve never been. Like all great art and literature, Trueblue Magazine will push your buttons and stretch your perceptions through the waterfall to a new consciousness. And expand your sense of what’s important and true, like any medicinal psychedelic. In ways too subtle to resist or remember, good writing and provocative art changes your mind, reshapes your worldview and stimulates new and more refined, often subtler senses of reality. If we’re doing our job, like on all mind-changing journeys, you will sometimes experience intense sensations at both ends of the emotional spectrum while immersed in the TrueBlue experience.

But don’t get it twisted, we know it’s the intellect of the beauty that keeps us, but it’s her look, that presence, the electricity that grabs us first, every day! Trueblue Magazine works hard to stimulate that magnetism of experience for the gourmet thinker. It brings the static online world to life, combining a truly musical array of colour and imagery, never forgetting that magazine lovers eat with their eyes first! But Trueblue Magazine is much more than eye candy for the dulled senses of mass-media-consumption lemmings. To the contrary, like enlightening psychotropics, True-Blue story-telling heightens awareness and creates beautiful visual stories to help digest nutritious but pallet-expanding flavours.

Like all deep journeys of mind and social matter, TrueBlueMagazine represents a boundary-dissolving experience such that, if you go in… you will come out changed. Like the boundless world of imagination, where all ideas are born, TrueBlue’s commitment to anti-censorship, participatory opinion-sharing and artistic, cultural brickwork is creating a fierce young tradition of free-thinking, free-writing, and colour-rich media production with each issue. And now with regular input from our engaged readers, Trueblue Magazine is working hard to insure that the magazine will not only last, but is doing its part to capture the zeitgeist of its time… a period in history too fluid to trap in the dusty box of media orthodoxy.

Trueblue Magazine is an important magazine to support and spend time with, and to tell your friends about… a free voice and a place to swim in nuance and novelty. Trueblue is a place where independent writers find their voice, experiment with style, gather opinion, create ripples, and change minds. I love Trueblue Magazine because it pushes the boundaries of emerging cultural spaces and enhances the quality of time you spend reflecting. Like alchemical gold, Trueblue aims to transform the typical dusty ‘coal’ of online media, into a thing of timeless currency… with topical relevance and an always fresh perspective for your life’s consideration: the lasting ‘gold’ of true illumination. The stuff of real value.

We would really love it if you would join us regularly at, give us feedback boldly, and help us to continue shaping the voices and artistic atmosphere from which Trueblue Magazine resonates. It’s yours, ours, all of our place to speak and be heard. And to express freely, the state of what’s happening now. Thanks Trueblue Magazine, for letting the weapons of mass creation abound! I’m looking forward to creating waves with you and surfing the waves you create for many years to come.

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